Sweden – Ukraine 1-2

The Ukrainian national team played its first ever match in the playoffs of the European Championship.Nikolay Shaparenko started the game from the first minutes / photo REUTERSNikolay Shaparenko started the game from the first minutes / photo REUTERS

The Ukrainian national team played a historic match on June 29. For the first time, the national Ukrainian team played in the playoffs at the continental championship. The teams played at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

UNIAN held an online broadcast of the match Sweden – Ukraine.

Euro 2020 1/8 finals

Sweden – Ukraine – 1: 2

Goals:  Forsberg, 43 – Zinchenko, 26, Dovbik, 120 + 1

Sweden:  Olsen, Lustig (Kraft, 83), Lindelöf, Augustinsson (Bengtsson, 83), S. Larrson (Klasson, 97), Ekdahl, Forsberg, Isak (Berg, 97), K. Ulsen, Kulusevski (Quayson, 97) , Danielson

Ukraine : Buschan, Karavaev, Krivtsov, Zabarny, Matvienko, Sidorchuk (Bezus, 117), Stepanenko (Makarenko, 94), Yarmolenko (Dovbik, 106), Shaparenko (Malinovsky, 61), Zinchenko, Yaremchuk (Besedin, 91, Tsygankov, 101)

Warnings:  Kulusevski, 70, Forsberg, 85 – Yarmolenko, 79

Removal: Danielson, 99 (foul play)


(c)UNIAN 2021


  • England v Ukraine in Rome at the weekend. Well done both teams.

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    • It was great play by both teams. I am waiting to see if Ukraine can frustrate your English team like they did the Swedish team. It will be 32C in Rome Saturday so we’ll see what shape the teams are in.

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      • Ukraine played extra time, England didn’t. That could work in England’s favour.

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        • Nah, don’t listen to the talking heads, when pros have 4 days of rest that’s plenty. More to worry about the pre-game festivities and distractions. Today it looked like Ukraine was a bit worn out half way through the 2nd half and I think Shevchenko noticed and there’s no use trying to wear down England.

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  • A big congratulations to our Ukrainian friends. I know this is an important event to you all.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Great job, Ukraine! I am very pleased that they have made it this far and I wish them good luck against England. I know that I won’t win any roses with you guys when I say that I will root for Ukraine, but they have never won such a championship and I think it is high time that they do. 👍🤞

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  • It was a terrible boring game to watch. Every player has seen the grass to lay down…………….Sweden with 10 defenders……………Thanks God in the last second Ukraine scored……………:-)

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  • англійський масон

    I’m going to have to look at it as hopefully a good game.

    Split loyalties, not sure who I want to win, I was actually hoping one of the two would be knocked out before this could happen.

    At least the scum are out.

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