England 2-0 Krauts

England ended a 55-year wait for a knockout tie victory over Germany to reach the quarter-finals of the European Championship in front of more than 40,000 fans at Wembley.

Raheem Sterling put England in front in the 75th minute when he placed Luke Shaw’s cross into the bottom right corner, sparking delirious celebrations in London.

Captain Harry Kane made sure of victory 10 minutes later when he headed in substitute Jack Grealish’s drilled cross.

Germany had earlier missed a huge chance to equalise when Thomas Muller dragged his shot wide of the left post after racing through one-on-one with goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, prompting Sterling – who had been dispossessed in midfield in the build-up – to fall to his knees in relief.

It is the first time England have beaten Germany in a knockout tie at a major tournament since the 1966 World Cup final.

(c) BBC


  • Well done England, it’s been a long wait. To round off a good day, a Ukrainian victory in Scotland tonight, while teaching the Swedes how to sing Putin Huilo.

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    • It was beautiful to watch F1. Two very high class goals. Raheem is a great little guy. Cool as a cucumber in his post match interview.
      Good luck to Sheva’s boys.

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      • It could all have been different if Germany hadn’t missed that sitter at 1-0, but you take your luck as it comes.

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        • Indeed so. The krauts had most of the possession until the bang in form Sterling got that wonderful goal. After that it looked inevitable that England would get another one. Great that it was a poacher’s classic by a previously out of form Kane.
          I think it will build up his confidence for the next match.
          Best fun I had watching England since we pounded the krauts 5-1 back in 2001.

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          • I remember that game, Michael Owen hat trick. That team should and could have won everything with the players they had.

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            • Apparently Michael came in at half time and said to Sven: ‘this lot are fucking shit!’
              BBC coverage just ended. Credit where credit’s due: Jurgen Klinsman was extremely gracious; he congratulated England and wished them success; stating that he thought they could go all the way.

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              • The guy who was shit was Sven, trying to play players out of position to give them a place in the team. You had a midfield to die for, Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard and Beckham, and he still fucked it up.

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                • He spent most of his time boning his many bits on the side. Including Ulrika Johnson. She had been a girlfriend of Stan Cullimore, who once punched her in the face.
                  I remember a classic phone call on bbc radio 5 Live : Cullimore had his own football phone-in show. One caller said : “Stan, I reckon you should be back in the England team!”
                  Cullimore said “thanks mate!”
                  The caller said : “because you know how to beat the Swedes!”
                  It really did happen! Classic bit of radio.
                  Btw, the producer cut him off, but too late!
                  Zinchenko just scored a very classy goal! It was kind of against the run of play.
                  Now they need another one to consolidate.

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                  • Just saw Ukraine scored. I remember another classis about Collymore. Collymore’s manager at Aston Villa phoned Alex Ferguson up, and said to Fergie, how much, Cole for Collymore. Fergie replied about 10 bags.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Well done, England!!!!

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  • Ukraine win 2-1 after extra time. Well done Ukraine!

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