Lithuanian Minister Calls Migrant Flows From Belarus ‘Profitable, Well-Organized’ Plan

June 27, 2021 20:10 GMT – By RFE/RL

Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said Belarusian officials were behind the surge in migrants this year into the Baltic, calling it a “well-organized” plan.

In an interview with the popular Baltic news portal Delfi published on June 27, Bioltaite said immigrants are paying as much as $15,000 to be transported over the border.

“We really have evidence of the involvement of Belarusian border guards in this process, this is a fact. This is an organized activity, a certain scheme — well-organized, planned. This is a lot of money,” she said.

More than 550 people have been caught so far this year illegally entering Lithuania from neighboring Belarus more than seven times the figure for all of 2020 and more than 12 times the number for 2019.

Iraqi nationals are the largest group of migrants entering Lithuania from Belarus followed by Iranians, Syrians, and Belarusians.

The migrant influx comes amid tense relations between the West and Belarus over its crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Baltic states have been among the most outspoken against the actions of strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka and have welcomed opposition leaders.

Bioltaite called Belarusian government’s involvement a form of hybrid warfare.

“This is obviously a profitable crime involving the regime and the officials themselves,” she said.

Bioltaite said there is no indication that Lithuanian citizens are involved, but added that her ministry is monitoring the situation.

The minister called the influx of migrants a “problem” not just for Lithuania, but for the EU. Most of them are using Lithuania as a transit country to other nations in the bloc, she said.

Lithuania currently has about 38 percent of its border with Belarus covered with video surveillance systems, Bilotaite said, and hopes to get it up to 100 percent in the near future.

She said she has requested help from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which has so far sent six officers and will send 30 more in July.


  1. More proof that Hitler 2.0 sent the Syrians into the EU. Everything is a weapon to that man, its about time someone used a weapon on him. I just hope he sees it coming.

  2. Putin always pretends to be a fascist, but he is not. He is commie scum. He only acts as if he would be a conservative nationalist, and the dumb ruskies keep bying his crap. Under Putin RuSSia has faced full-scale islamization, including decriminalization of domestic violence. The ruSSkies in the occupied territories in Ukraine are rotting without cash and without drinking water. Nemtsov and Navalny are nationalists, that’s why one of them is dead and the other in a gulag. Putin and Merkel want to internationalize and globalize the world, until not fascism but only communism still could fix it. I see an evil plan which has to be ruined at all cost. Add China/Corona to that conspiracy.

  3. Young Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian men are the last people you want to be entering civilisation. With the exception of Somalis and of course putinazis.
    Regarding island nations like Britain, whenever a person who should not be present in the first place commits a savage crime, the official or officials responsible for taking the decision to allow a degenerate to settle should themselves face very serious charges and lengthy jail time. As for illegals who have not been processed by immigration, they are simply invaders and should be tasered, DNA’d, fingerprinted and returned immediately to where they came from without appeal. Professional people-traffickers must be shot on sight, their assets seized and their boats sunk. We should be prepared to go to war with France if necessary, as they have been doing to us precisely what the Belarus tyrant is now doing to Lithuania for years. Decades even.

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