Lavrov intimidated Russians with a fake that in schools in the West tHEY tell CHILDREN about “bisexual Jesus”

Apparently, Lavrov referred to the video in TikTok.Sergey Lavrov / photo by REUTERSSergey Lavrov / photo by REUTERS

 On June 28, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov published an article entitled “On Law, Rights, and Rules,” in which he stated that children in Western schools were allegedly taught that Jesus Christ was bisexual.

This was pointed out by The Times and the Russian edition of It’s My Media.

“In the schools of a number of Western countries, children are convinced in the curriculum that Jesus Christ was bisexual. Attempts by prudent politicians to restrict children from aggressive LGBT propaganda have met with militant protests in “enlightened Europe,” Lavrov wrote.

At the same time, The Times emphasizes that the Russian Foreign Minister did not provide confirmation of his words.

According to reporters It’s My Media, a probable source of information about the “Jesus bisexual” may be a video in TikTok mother of many children Emalin Carol Southwell from Australia, which was released in May 2021. There, the child says that he is allegedly taught at school. However, Australian schools have denied this information.

There are also a number of articles on the Internet in which people speculate about the possible sexuality of Jesus Christ. However, these articles are not a school curriculum.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    There is a system in me that automatically disposes of anything a mafiosi says into the dumpster straight away. They are masters at blathering garbage.
    However, this time I am afraid that the horse might be right. Let’s put it this way, after what I’ve read and heard and seen from liberals in the West, NOTHING surprises me anymore, not even that Jesus was bisexual or even a fag. In my humble opinion, liberals are poisoning our culture and our heritage.

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    • This is the “evidence” the horse is basing his theory on, hardly conclusive.

      “The It’s My City news website traced the likely origins of Lavrov’s claim to a viral TikTok of an Australian mother eavesdropping on her children debating Jesus’ sexual orientation. In it, the woman’s son says Jesus is bi “because he loves everyone in the world” and non-binary “because he wears a dress.”

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