German Chancellor Candidates Threaten Putin to Stop Nord Stream 2

According to the SPD candidate, Germany is considering the gas pipeline project “purely economically.”In Germany, the termination of PN-2 is allowed, even if it is completed / REUTERSIn Germany, the termination of PN-2 is allowed, even if it is completed / REUTERS

Candidates for German chancellor have declared their readiness to cut off gas supplies through Nord Stream 2 in the future if Russia violates its obligations to Ukraine.

According to DW , the relevant statements were made at a discussion of candidates for chancellor, organized by the public-law television channel ARD and the Munich Security Conference. The event was attended by CDU candidate Armin Lashet, SPD candidate Olaf Scholz and Greens candidate Annalena Burbock.

According to Lashet, the position was agreed that Nord Stream-2 should not work at the expense of Ukraine.

“If President Putin does not follow this rule and uses it against Ukraine, it (the gas pipeline –  Ed. ) Can be stopped at any time – even when the pipeline is ready – because then the basis for business will disappear. It’s so simple,” he said. he.

At the same time, Scholz noted that Putin sees the PP-2 project not only as an economic benefit, but, in his words, that Germany considers Nord Stream 2 to be “purely economic.”

“Deterioration of gas transit and security of Ukraine will have consequences for possible transit through the completed gas pipeline in the future,” he said.

In turn, Annalena Burbock stressed that the project did not need to be launched at all. She reminded that the gas pipeline needs another permit.

“This permission should not be granted,” Burbock said, adding that with the help of PP-2, Putin seeks to destabilize Ukraine.

At the same time, Burbock has doubts that Nord Stream 2 can stop working through Ukraine. According to her, Europe cannot afford it.

“We are still dependent on Russian gas,” she said.

(c)UNIAN 2021


  1. Neither the SPD nor the Greens will get their candidate to be voted for the next chancellor. It will be Laschet from the leftist CDU and the fat Stasi bitch will pull his strings from the background. Thus, nothing will change, including NSII. Mark my words.

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  2. Never trust the krauts. Never trust the frogs. Never trust their imperial master : putlerstan. Add to that list of scum : Italy, Austria, Hungary.

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