German Ambassador: NATO MAP would not have saved Ukraine from occupation of Crimea

According to Anka Feldhusen, Germany does not consider itself guilty of what happened in Ukraine in 2014

German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen is confident that providing Ukraine with a NATO Membership Action Plan would not prevent Russia from occupying Crimea. The head of the German diplomatic mission said this in an interview with ZN.UA, commenting on the claims of the National Defence Council Secretary Danilov against Germany and France regarding the refusal to support the granting of MAP to Ukraine at the Bucharest NATO summit in 2008.

According to Feldhusen, Germany does not consider itself guilty of what happened in Ukraine in 2014.

“I told this directly to Mr. Danilov and I answer you: no. I was here in 2014, and I think that the plans for the annexation of Crimea were in the boxes of the Russian authorities for a long time and they, having seen the opportunity to act, – after all, Ukraine was in such a weak state after The Revolution of Dignity – reacted very quickly, “Feldhusen said.

In her opinion, Ukraine’s MAP would not have saved it from the annexation of Crimea.

“After all, it was clear that the Russians had been preparing for this for a long time. If there was a MAP, there was no MAP, this is also speculation. But I personally do not think that the existence of a MAP would somehow stop the Russians,” the diplomat concluded.

Three weeks ago, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov expressed the opinion that Germany and France should be responsible for the occupation of Crimea, since in 2008 they refused the MAP to Ukraine and Georgia.

Later, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba rebuked NATO for its inaction in implementing the decision of the 2008 Bucharest summit to grant Ukraine membership in the alliance.

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  • “According to Anka Feldhusen, Germany does not consider itself guilty of what happened in Ukraine in 2014”

    No lady, Germany or a NATO MAP couldn’t have stopped the Russian annexation, but a massive response to the crime would have made sure it was returned to Ukraine asap. You are deflecting away from the fact that your fat bitch of a boss rewarded Russia by doing next to nothing, instead of immediate removal from SWIFT, and massive sanctions on Russia. To rub salt in the wound, you then supply Russia with gas turbines for Crimea, then further reward them with Nord Stream 2.

    Germany are not guilty of what happened in 2014, but are guilty of aiding and abetting Russia ever since.

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    • I disagree with her. If Ukraine got a MAP 5 years before Maidan it would have also been before Yanukobytch and he would not have cut the military so it would have been stronger and Putin would not have even tried to swipe Crimea. Her kind of thinking reflects exactly the Moskali thinking and its very dangerous for peace. Germans should know the only way to achieve peace is through strength when you’re dealing with Fascists.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    This typical kraut politician has nothing relevant to say and certainly nothing intelligent. But, maybe there is a touch of shame embedded in her words? Otherwise, why even say something like this? To be truthful, to be credible, to be open and honest, she should have apologized to Ukraine for her fat bitch master’s many mistakes, like for her appeasing a crime syndicate, doing business with a crime syndicate and throwing stones into Ukraine’s path at every opportunity, i.e. NATO, EU, Nord Stream II and so much more.

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