Fashionable sentence: the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater will no longer let spectators in beachwear

Visitors who violate the dress code will not be refunded for tickets.The Odessa Opera will not be allowed in shorts and flip-flops / photo UNIANThe Odessa Opera will not be allowed in shorts and flip-flops / photo UNIAN

This is stated in a statement by the theater administration on its Facebook page .

It is noted that the Odessa Opera is one of the pearls of European culture and the most beautiful building in the city.

“This is a real temple of art. Therefore, unfortunately, we can not allow guests to visit him in inappropriate attire. People dressed in shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, flip-flops are not allowed in the hall, “the statement said.

The cost of tickets for citizens who were not allowed into the theater due to improper clothing will not be reimbursed.

It is worth noting that some residents of Odessa have already approved this innovation.

“The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater sets a contagious example! Surprisingly, someone’s basic rules of decency are surprising! Dear viewers, keep this in mind when visiting theaters! “- commented on Facebook from Odessa Tatiana Orel.

“Finally!”, “It would have been a long time”, “I’m not very comfortable even in jeans, although I understand that half of the viewers do, and I don’t understand shorts,” users emphasize online.

UNIAN reference. Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater was established in the XIX century. The first building was opened in 1810 and burned down in 1873. The modern building was built in 1887 by architects Fellner and Helmer in the style of the new Viennese Baroque. The interior of the auditorium is stylized in late French Rococo architecture. The unique acoustics of the horseshoe-shaped hall makes it possible to convey even a whisper from the stage to any corner of the hall. It is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • If they can financially afford this nonsense i’m fine with it. Nobody will force me into a suit, in particular not during summer. Better go to the beach then and enjoy some delicious cuisine and a huylo in one of the superb restaurants. Instead of banning shorts better put a different sign at the entrance: NO RUSSIANS ALLOWED! 😎

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  • It’s not a very smart decision. Odessa is very hot in summer. I have not been inside the venue, but can confirm that it’s a beautiful building. Why not insist on formal wear throughout the year, but give special dispensation for the hot season? Besides, Odessa women would only wear shorts to the opera if a) they have lovely legs, or b) they are smart, fashionable ones, not sand-caked beach shorts. Scruffy blokes wearing beer-stained tank tops and football shorts of course should be banned.

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    • I have been in there and it’s an amazing place, very beautiful. I think what the authorities are saying is they want people to dress smartly, not looking like some beach bum. I went in wearing a short sleeved shirt and trousers, and everyone I saw was dressed respectable. I don’t think they are expecting people to turn up in a dinner suit and evening gowns. This is an image I took in the place, not very good because of the light, but gives you an ideaof the splendour.

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      • I went to the Bolshoi in the late Yeltsin era and your pic immediately reminded me of that. The acoustics were so good that you could hear the ballerinas’ dainty feet during the quiet passages of Swan Lake. I’m so glad I managed to go to Moscow and St Pete before they turned into facist nightmare places.

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