EU Rejects Merkel-Macron Call for Talks With Putin.


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  • Congratulations to the person who wrote the on-screen commentary; particularly at the end. It was nice to see such robust and direct language used.
    I think it’s very clear that Ukraine will never join the EU or Nato because the frogs and krauts are subordinate to putlerstan. Therefore the future for Ukraine must lie with the Budapest signatories and the (unfortunately at the moment very few) allies of Ukraine.
    A new trade, military and intel sharing bloc must now be created, consisting of the US, Canada, the UK, Poland, Pribaltika, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Others, such as Czechia, may apply provided they will fight Russia.
    There is no viable alternative. If anyone has one, let me know.

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    • onlyfactsplease

      No, I also see no other alternatives. You said it nicely. Germanystand and frogland and their assgivers in Europe are much too unreliable. They are mafia land appeasers and filthy backstabbers.

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      • Just reading that 3 people been stabbed and killed in Germany by one of the guests of the fat bitch, a Somali. Well done Merkel.

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        • onlyfactsplease

          That wasn’t the first murder spree by one of her darlings nor will it be the last. This has been ongoing since 2015. I guess the krauts enjoy being turned into a third-world garbage pit.

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          • I’m quite suprised the BBC named the nationality of the murderer, but they are not tied down by EU bureaucracy now, so can published information the EU would prefer to be kept away from the public.

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            • onlyfactsplease

              Many kraut news sites mentioned only “a man” and no mention of his nationality was made. As with most things, you cannot keep it a secret for long and it is known that this guest of Merkel’s was a Somali. Germanystan is being turned into a shithole and the krauts stay quiet about it. It’s become a pathetic country.

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              • You have a similar problem in the states ; with muzloid asylum seekers also committing terrible crimes. Then you have central and South American savages raping and killing women. But the greatest threat to white women there comes from African Americans. Did you read about a young liberal woman who had insane beliefs that all cultures have equal merit : ie cultural relativism? She deliberately sought out a homeless area of Chicago; already a very dangerous city but now many times worse. Her name was Anat Kimchi. She was a doctoral candidate. A savage leapt out of some bushes and stabbed her to death. A dreadlocked black man. He was caught and charged. If you scour US news sites you will see countless other examples of liberal white women doing crazy things. One girl went to Haiti to help poor people. She was abducted and raped within an inch or her life.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I am so glad that the two mafia land assgiving leaders have been given the boot for their pathetic and stupid idea. Well done … for once!

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  • I think the best way to describe the EU reaction is “Haw Hell Fuck NO!”
    The is the highest no there is.
    When is comes to armaments purchasing power = political power.
    So why is Ukraine wasting her purchasing power of France who will side with Russian in a nano-second.
    If for example Ukraine were to buy the Rafel fighter how could Ukraine trust France to not with hold repair parts?
    Better to stick with a country that is at least neutral towards Russia.

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