Russian scientists design Drinking Water Treatment Plant for Arctic settlements

Clean drinking water is a big problem in the Russian Arctic regions

NOVOSIBIRSK, June 24. /TASS/. Experts at the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (“Sibstrin”) made a compact block-module drinking water treatment plant for distanced Arctic settlements. Using it, the Arctic regions will be able to settle the problem with access to drinking water, which presently is being transported to many areas, Professor Evgeny Voitov told TASS.

Clean drinking water is a big problem in the Russian Arctic regions. The Arkhangelsk Region is among the regions, where drinking water sources are most problematic, the national Accounts Chamber said, adding people in small hard-to-reach settlements suffer most.

“Our product is a compact drinking water treatment system, which may be installed in towns of shift workers in the Arctic. It may be used for the staff and visitors of the Northern Sea Route’s destinations, of the border zones,” the scientist said. “We are aware of problems with water there, but traditional treatment approaches are not sufficient for those regions.”

According to him, such systems can be transported easily by any transport available in the Arctic: ground, water or air.

Vitaly Vasilyev, director general of the Rosa (‘dew’) company in Novosibirsk, which makes and serves the Sibstrin water treatment systems, said such systems had been installed in Yakutia’s 14 settlements and in Dikson (the Krasnoyarsk Region). The company produces the systems in an industrial-logistics park near Novosibirsk.

The company, he explained, is making the system so that any person could service it. “Of course, everything depends on what the water is like there and for what purposes it will be treated. Thus, we use an appropriate mode [of treatment]. The most effective treatment is the electro-chemical treatment – this is what we have used in Yakutia. In this case, you need nothing but a mild salt solution and about one hour to instruct a user,” he told TASS.

Presently, the company has been working on a new block-module station for an Arctic city. The work will be completed in August, and the station will be commissioned in September.

(c)TASS 2021


  • Stupid Russians! Your forgot about drinking water in Crimea?

    There is enough drinking water in the Arctic, too much! I know, its high tech for you,Russians…..but you put snow in a pan, put it on a fire, and in a few minutes you have drinking water.
    Moreover you can do this with ice too………………..not ice from the sea,that can be more salty….same high tech,make it warm in a pan or kettle. You can make even make tea or coffee with it…………….but this I explain you later……..too difficult for now.

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  • I see now,,,,,,,,,,,,,you Russians don’t no how to make fire………………………wait till the Stone Age is over………………

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  • I doubt the Russians have invented matches already,ready this fake article…………………

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