No more summits with Russia

The Kremlin’s diplomatic theater with the democratic world looks increasingly deplorable these days.

The long-awaited Russian-American summit in Geneva on June 16 resulted in nothing but Russian President Vladimir Putin getting a new platform for cocky ranting against the West.

Die Zeit, the German broadsheet, has recently published Putin’s op-ed, a typical specimen of Kremlin propaganda, in which the Russian president again decried “the American-organized armed coup d’etat in Ukraine of 2014.”

Now, fresh media reports say that German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested inviting Putin to the upcoming European Union summit. This would be the first meeting of its kind since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and was slapped with mild international sanctions.

The initiative reportedly gained support from President Emmanuel Macron of France.

“We need to have a discussion about how to get away from this negative spiral,” Reuters quoted a senior EU source as saying. “But we need to advance united.”

No one has explained how shaking hands with Putin and smiling at him in photo ops can stop the Kremlin from attacking neighboring countries, undermining Western democracies, assassinating political opponents and waging proxy wars around the world.

This spineless appeasement is quickly becoming the policy of the West’s leading powers.

Offering peace and dialogue does not work on those who directly oppose peace and dialogue. Putin enjoys when Western powers clamor for his attention. His propaganda does its best to paint Russia as a Cold War-era superpower that the U.S. has to reckon with.

Any overtures the West makes always result in Putin’s mockery and the legitimization of the Kremlin’s vicious actions. “Yes, I’m a bad guy, I do what I want and you can’t tell me anything” is the message that Putin always snidely puts forth in Western press appearances.

After all these years of wars, election infringements, cyberattacks and murder, it should be pretty obvious that summits are not working.

A street thug cannot be scared away by calls for dialogue and reason. He understands only one language: displays of power and resolve.

And this is exactly what Britain did this week by sending its destroyer across the territorial waters of Kremlin-occupied Crimea and showing the middle finger to Russia’s impotent rage.

Europe must say no to these useless summits if it wants to actually oppose the Kremlin. To do otherwise is to give up and succumb to the temptation of “business as usual.”
The latest events suggest that this is just what France and Germany want to do.

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  • “And this is exactly what Britain did this week by sending its destroyer across the territorial waters of Kremlin-occupied Crimea and showing the middle finger to Russia’s impotent rage.”

    It’s a start, but this won’t hurt Muscovy, except for the UK making it look weak. More is needed by London, it’s time to hurt Russia in the pockets. I don’t care if the Russian mafia donate billions to either parties in the UK, or how many Russian mafia get elected to the House of Lords, it’s time to remove this cancer from British politics altogether. Start on freezing all assets by mafia offshore accounts. Freeze all assets made to political parties, and remove all Russian from British politics, and the scum who made them peers in the first place. It’s no use preaching to Ukraine about corruption, when Ukraine couldn’t hold a candle to the corruption in the EU and UK.

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    • In general terms I’m a fan of Boris. He has given more practical help to Ukraine than any other European leader by far, plus he’s the only major European leader to repeatedly criticise the tiny poisoner. He has used very choice words in the past about him, but mysteriously they have disappeared from the net.
      But Boris does have a disturbing weakness: he gave a peerage to Evgeny Lebedev, whose father was KGB scum. Lebedev is part of the British establishment and owns the Independent and the Evening Standard, which I find to be disgusting.
      Obviously Lebedev and Abramovich should be kicked out of London, their assets seized and given to the Ukraine armed forces, in order to show contrition for reneging on Budapest.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “The Kremlin’s diplomatic theater with the democratic world looks increasingly deplorable these days.”
    Au contraire … this has been deplorable for a much longer time than just these days. I saw the need to talk after the Crimea was stolen and the war in Donbass was started. Maybe trying to talk sense into mafiosi skulls a year or so later would have been acceptable but we are now well into the seventh year. Any further talks after that first year were deplorable, but these days, seven years after mafia land trounced on Ukraine, violated human rights, killed, murdered, provoked, lied and so much more, it is disgustingly wretched. This crime syndicate should be offered any and all possible resistance and no more talks.

    “Dictators can be deterred, they can be crushed – but they can never be appeased.”
    Margaret Thatcher

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    • Maggie quotes are like Churchill quotes : timeless and always right.

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      • onlyfactsplease

        They were not only great politicians but realists with sound minds and clear vision.

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        • And rare as hen’s teeth! Since Churchill, we’ve had Maggie, Ronnie and …… fucking no one. Johnny Mac could have been an all time great, but he made some catastrophic errors that let in the Britain-hating, America-hating venal hypocrite Obama and his ghastly wife.
          John should not have chosen a borderline halfwit as his running mate, but was also defeated because of the financial crisis and his overly courteous manner with Obama when he should have been excoriating him for being a disciple of an appalling Marxist cleric named Jeremiah Wright.

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