“You can change jobs.” Peskov explained why compulsory vaccination can be considered voluntary

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that compulsory vaccination of employees of a number of organizations in Moscow can be considered voluntary, since those who do not want to be vaccinated have the opportunity to quit.

This is voluntary, because you can change jobs. If you work in a service industry and if you are not vaccinated, you may pose a threat to those you provide services to in an acute pandemic outbreak.

Those who decided not to get vaccinated, Peskov said during a press call with reporters, “may look for work elsewhere, which is not related to those areas where vaccination is mandatory”.

On June 16, against the backdrop of an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, the Moscow authorities announced mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for employees of public and private enterprises in some areas: trade, public catering, transport, education, housing and communal services, cultural and entertainment events. Until August 15, at least 60% of employees of such organizations must undergo a full course of vaccination. In addition to Moscow , several other regions have announced similar measures  .

On June 24, the Moscow headquarters for the fight against coronavirus announced that employers are obliged to remove employees who refuse to be vaccinated in the absence of medical contraindications. The headquarters said that such employees should not be paid a salary, but the employer can offer them to switch to a remote mode of work

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    Pest-cough should change his job, but to do what? He is too worthless and too stupid to do anything useful. I guess he is in the right place after all, lying, cheating, stealing and supporting his dwarf master.

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