‘We Can Also Bomb Targets,’ Russia Warns After British Warship Encounter

Russia warned Thursday it could “hit targets” as well as fire warning shots following a disputed military encounter with a British warship near the coast of annexed Crimea.

The Russian military said its aircraft dropped bombs in the vessel’s path and border guard ships fired warning shots after the Royal Navy’s HMS Defender crossed into Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea on Wednesday. London denied that any warning shots were fired and said its destroyer was passing through an internationally recognized shipping lane.

“What can we do? We can appeal to common sense, and demand respect for international law,” the state-run TASS news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying. 

“If that doesn’t work, we can bomb not only the path but also the target, if our colleagues don’t understand,” Ryabkov said.

The Kremlin accused Britain of provoking the incident and did not rule out the possibility of Ryabkov’s warning.

“If they go too far, you can’t rule out any options in protecting Russian borders,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying.

Video published by a BBC correspondent on board the HMS Defender, which passed Crimea on its way from the Ukrainian port of Odessa to Georgia, showed the tense encounter with Russian warplanes and vessels.

“If you don’t change course, I’ll fire,” a Russian voice can be heard saying over the radio. The British Defense Ministry said in an earlier statement that it believes that Russia was conducting a “gunnery exercise” it had warned the maritime community about.

The BBC footage also showed several rounds fired at a distance in what its correspondent said was “well out of range” of the ship. The reporter said he witnessed a total of 20 Russian military aircraft buzzing the HMS Defender.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry, which summoned Britain’s defense attache in Moscow on the day of the incident, said Thursday it planned to summon Britain’s ambassador to issue a “strong demarche.”

Border incidents involving Russian and Western militaries are not uncommon but they rarely result in open fire.

Tensions escalated for several weeks this spring after Russia built up troops in Crimea and near Ukraine’s eastern borders, and carried out exercises in the Black Sea as the United States warned it would send two warships.

Tensions eased after the U.S. ships were not dispatched and Russia withdrew some of its troops.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “What can we do? We can appeal to common sense, and demand respect for international law,” the state-run TASS news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying.

    “If that doesn’t work, we can bomb not only the path but also the target, if our colleagues don’t understand,” Ryabkov said.

    One problem asshole, unlike schools and hospitals, this target can respond with devastating firepower. It’s no coincidence that this ship was designated the air defence guard ship for the US Carrier Task Force 50. If your simple minds thought about this for one minute, it might save Russia a lot of scrap metal to pick up out of the Black Sea.

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  • As usual, we can forget about Nato and the EU. What must now happen is that the Budapest signatories must take this behaviour as the last straw and act simply to dominate the Black Sea until RuSSia gives up fascist imperialism.
    Which unfortunately might be quite a long time.

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    • I find it very coincidental that on the same day as the UK call Putler’s bluff, the EU once again cave in to Russia. It’s as though they are saying, “this has nothing to do with us, it’s those horrible Brits”. Edward Lucas was spot on when he said complacency has set in with Europe. Glad to see the UK acting for themselves, and they don’t need to get the EU behind them.

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  • Go ahead. Bomb an imperial vessel and get fucked for life. Even McBidenov is powerless when the Congress and Senate demand merciless retaliation. RuSSia is testing how far they can go. The cowardly statement by the UK government is totally shameful. Instead of demanding consequences they downplayed the incident. That’s the worst one can do when it comes to the new Hitler.

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    • The UK did the right thing, why make a big fuss of nothing. The UK sent a ship into so called Russian waters, without a care in the world. It was like taking the kids out for a Sunday stroll and a picnic, then a few angry wasps turned up. If I was Muscovy, I be fucking worried about why the UK showed no concern whatsoever, they obviously know something the Russians don’t.

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  • I’m currently in Moldova and my network connection is terrible. Worth a read: https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/751895.html

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    • I agree with him and I am sick and tired of foreigners speaking on behalf of the Ukrainian people. How dare they?! Any talking or negotiations must include Ukraine. No other country would allow it so why do they do it? Maybe because they are Putinazis or on their side?

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I’ve said this in another article on here and I will say it again; I want to see Ruskie planes go down in flames … or a rust-bucket take a dive! This is the ONLY language those morons understand. Everything else is hopelessly useless.

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