U.S. Congress calls on Biden administration to send military aid to Ukraine immediately


The U.S. House of Representatives has called on the Biden Administration to immediately send military aid to Ukraine before the Kremlin crosses anymore “territorial red lines”.

This was said in a joint statement by House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Mike Rogers (R-AL) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX), Ukrinform reports.

“The United States should not wait for the Kremlin to cross anymore ‘territorial red lines’ in Ukraine before sending additional military assistance to Kyiv. Instead, the Administration should send this lethal aid immediately to deter further Russian aggression,” the statement reads.

As evidenced by its earlier decisions to pull back two U.S. warships from the Black Sea during Russia’s military buildup, waive critical sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and delay meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky until after last week’s fruitless Biden-Putin summit, this Administration has time and time again chosen to appease the Kremlin at the expense of Ukraine. “This must end,” they stressed.

The congressmen also expressed their concern about reports that the Biden Administration halted a package of lethal military equipment to Ukraine that was put together in response to Russia’s military escalation in and around Ukraine this spring.

As reported, on June 18, the U.S. media outlet Politico reported, citing its own sources, that the U.S. presidential administration had decided to temporarily halt a military aid package to Ukraine that would include lethal weapons.

After that, the White House said that it had not halted military assistance to Ukraine. In addition, the U.S. added that “they prepared contingency funds in the event of further Russian aggression.”

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