“Levada Center”: 56% of Russians called Stalin “the great leader”, in Ukraine 16% of respondents think so

Levada Center and the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, in the course of opinion polls conducted in May and June, found out the attitude of Russians and Ukrainians towards the figure of Joseph Stalin.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

56% of Russians surveyed said that they “rather agree” or “completely agree” with the judgment that “Stalin was a great leader.” Among the Ukrainians surveyed, 16% answered so. The opposite opinion is shared by 14% of Russians and 40% of Ukrainians.

Since 2016, the share of Russians who, in one way or another, agree that Stalin is a great leader, has doubled: from 28% to 56%, and the share of those who do not think so has decreased from 23% to 14%.

Among Russians, respect for Stalin prevails (45%), in second place is indifference (28%), in third place is sympathy (10%). Among Ukrainians, neutral and negative feelings are more common: indifference (34%), disgust and hatred (17%), dislike and irritation (16%). LEVADA CENTER

Since 2012, Joseph Stalin has consistently ranked first in the “Most Outstanding Personalities in History” rating, which is compiled by the Levada Center based on a survey of Russians. According  to the latest survey, presented in June, 39% of Russians consider Stalin to be an outstanding person.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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