From the FB page of Margaret Thatcher: ‘The Grocer’s Daughter’

5 years ago today the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to withdraw from the European Union, with 51.9 per cent supporting Britain’s exit.

“Britain’s integration within a European superstate is unacceptable to me, because it means the loss of our freedom, of our independence and ultimately of our identity. But it would also represent a willful refusal to seize the opportunities offered to us. In this twenty-first century the dominant power is America; the global language is English; the pervasive economic model is Anglo-Saxon capitalism – so why imprison ourselves in a bureaucratic Europe? And why unbalance NATO, when the alliance has so many new challenges to face?*”

― The Iron Lady.


Click the above link for the full speech she made in July 2000. At that very early time in the putler era, she already had him summed up, as the following extract clearly shows:

“Where will the new threats come from?”

“We don’t need to look very far. One dysfunctional member of our global community has quite a familiar appearance. With every day that passes, modern Russia behaves more and more like the old Soviet Union. Its foreign policy seems still to be based heavily on its Soviet past – deep hostility to exertions of Western power (as in Kosovo), attempts to split Europe from the United States (as over ballistic missile defence), and brutal disregard for the rights of non-Russians, who by misfortune live within the Russian Empire (as with Chechnya).

Russia is an enthusiastic proliferator of weapons of mass destruction. It is also intent on trying to forge a strategic partnership with China aimed at the West: Mr Putin is in Beijing at this moment doing just that. By any criteria Russia still represents a threat, even if that threat is only general.

There are also some worrying signs that the desire of ordinary Russians for law and order may provide the authorities with an excuse to return to internal repression. Whatever else he is, Russia’s new president is clearly not a liberal.

President Putin is not, of course, about to return Russia to communism. Indeed, he seems to understand that capitalism, not socialism, holds the key to Russian economic recovery. And I very much doubt whether Russia will again be capable of mounting a global challenge to the West. But Russia is a major nuclear power and is an unreliable custodian of its arsenal. With the longest land border in the world, and strategically placed Russian minorities, it is capable of creating sustained mischief in several regions. It may, on the right conditions, be helped – but it must also be watched.”

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  • ‘With the longest land border in the world, and strategically placed Russian minorities, it is capable of creating sustained mischief in several regions.’
    She was right on the money with putler, just as she was with the EUSSR.

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