Vladimir Putin Accuses U.S. Of Organizing Coup in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the 2014 overthrow of Ukraine’s then-President, Viktor Yanukovich, was the result of a coup organized by the U.S. and backed by the rest of Europe.

Yanukovich was removed from office following an uprising by his country’s opposition, spurred by his rejection of a trade deal with the EU in favor of closer ties with Moscow.

In an op-ed in the German newspaper Die Zeit to mark the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, which ushered the Red Army’s entry into World War II, the Russian president reiterated the position of the Kremlin and Yanukovich—a Putin ally— that the revolution had been facilitated by the West.

Putin wrote that the west had promoted “mutual distrust” with Moscow following the end of the Cold War with NATO expansion in which post-Soviet and eastern European countries were given a choice to side with the West or with Russia.

“In fact, it was an ultimatum,” Putin wrote, “the consequences of such an aggressive policy can be seen in the example of the Ukrainian tragedy of 2014,” he said which Europe had “actively supported.”

“Why did you need to do this?” he said in the piece which was also released on the Kremlin website. “Why did the United States organize a coup?” he wrote.

“Why did the countries of Europe weakly support it, provoking a split in Ukraine itself and the withdrawal of Crimea from its composition?” he added, in his description of Moscow’s annexation of the peninsula that year.

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  • “Putin wrote that the west had promoted “mutual distrust” with Moscow following the end of the Cold War with NATO expansion in which post-Soviet and eastern European countries were given a choice to side with the West or with Russia.”

    This is another revised piece of history by Putler. I have never seen any evidence of ultimatums, or promises that NATO wouldn’t allow former Soviet countries to join. Maybe Putler can explain the choice the Baltics had in 1940, when the war criminal Stalin annexed them. Two statements below, one is the truth, one is BS, guess which one is BS.

    “The Baltic states themselves, the United States and its courts of law, the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Council have all stated that these three countries were invaded, occupied and illegally incorporated into the Soviet Union under provisions of the 1939 Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.”

    “Russian historiography and school textbooks continue to maintain that the Baltic states voluntarily joined the Soviet Union after their peoples all carried out socialist revolutions independent of Soviet influence.”

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    • There was a split in Ukraine after Yanukobytch ran home to Moskovia? That’s fake news. Even the party of Regions had to rename themselves because everyone was united that Yanukobytch had to go. This is another reason the claim that there were Separatists in the east after Maidan. Bogus, it was months before anyone started protesting in the east. Tell me, if you were pissed about your dear leader being ousted would you wait TWO months to protest?

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  • This is likely for the consumption of the malignant, hate-spewing trolls in the west who leapt to putlerstan’s defence in 2014 by promoting these same propaganda lies almost word for word. It is kremtroll legend.
    In the UK in early 2014, a vile Stalinist; Seumas Milne, was saying the same thing in The Guardian. Milne was JeremIRA CorbLenin’s campaign manager.
    Also in the UK, Christopher Booker; another leftist, was saying the same thing; this time in the Telegraph. The far right in Britain, also went with the same story; Nigel Farage of ukip, was pushing it on RaT and anywhere else he could get an audience.
    Nick Griffin, former leader of the BNP (UK fascist party), went to SP to attend a gathering of global fascist scum. When he came out, he spouted pure bullshit and referred to ‘the real fascists of Kyiv’.

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  • Why does he keep whining so much? RuSSia has many allies, in particular in Nato. Their Nato-membership has not ruined relations. Why would Ukraine in Nato be such a problem then? Answer: No more stealing from Ukraine, no more mafia, no more corruption, no more stealing our history. So, GFY and have a nice day! BTW, lock the door twice on your way out of Ukraine!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    If I got a hold of this little shit-eating munchkin, I would tattoo the meaning of “coup” on his stupid forehead. I would also tattoo the words “I’m an asshole” below the definition. Of course, I would have to use his piglet cheeks to write on if I ran out of room.

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