OCCUPATIONLosses of Ukraine during World War IIcaused by the Nazi and the communists


In January 1945, Saturday Evening Post reporter Edgar Snow published a story during his trip to Ukraine. In particular, he wrote that the war, which some tend to call “Russian glory,” should be “justly recognized as primarily the Ukrainian war… Cities, industry, agriculture, and the people of no other European country have suffered such severe devastation.”



  • Just been reading Putler’s so called essay. As you can expect, it’s a load of BS. I didn’t read the whole thing, after two paragraphs I give up. Here is the second paragraph. I’m not sure who was being liberated by the Soviets, certainly Western Europe was liberated.

    “We are proud of the courage and resilience of the heroes of the Red Army and home front workers, who not only defended the independence and dignity of the Motherland, but also saved Europe and the world from enslavement. And whoever is trying to rewrite the pages of the past now, the truth is that the Soviet soldier came to the land of Germany not to take revenge on the Germans, but with the noble, great mission of a liberator. The memory of the heroes who fought against Nazism is sacred to us. We remember with gratitude the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, the participants of the Resistance, the German anti-fascists who brought the common Victory closer.”

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    • onlyfactsplease

      The mafia dwarf and his ilk enjoy mixing up occupation with liberation, and suppression with freedom.

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      • He also has a problem with the concept of a world war. No Russians fought outside of Europe, none fought in Asia, or N Africa. So how he saved the world from enslavement beats me. Especially since Muscovy carried on were Hitler left off in the enslavement business.

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