Ukrainian Navy conducts tactical maneuvers in Black Sea with combat exercises


In predetermined areas of the Black Sea, the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted tactical maneuvers of an amphibious ready group, which involved a division of surface ships, marines, naval aviation and air force aviation.

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Navy, the training was carried out in several stages. After bringing the naval away team to the highest degree of combat readiness, the boarding of personnel and equipment, the departure from the base point, and the deployment of the amphibious ready group to the areas of the force formation were carried out.

“The Ukrainian military practiced the formation of antiboat defense with the implementation of exercises of the amphibious ready group at combat training ranges,” according to a message posted on Facebook.

It is noted that the Ukrainian sailors carried out tactical maneuvering, the transfer of goods on the move, assisted the emergency ship with the landing of the rescue group, towed the damaged ship and so on.

“We carried out tactical episodes of antiboat defense by the amphibious ready group during the passage by sea with the actual implementation of combat exercises against naval targets. Marine Corps joined the episode, which showed high readiness and good fire performance,” flotilla commander, First Class Captain Yuriy Fedash said.

He said that naval aircraft were involved in illuminating the surface situation and transmitting information to the command post of the ready group.

“Also, the peculiarity of these exercises was that we were the first to use inflatable targets such as ‘Killer Tomatoes,’ which are used in NATO member countries,” Fedash said.

With the involvement of the ship-boat staff of the ready group and Marine Corps, which performed combat exercises with collective weapons, the Ukrainian military worked out a tactical episode of fire support for troops operating in the seaside direction.

“The tactical exercise of the amphibious assault group was preparatory. It worked out the coherence of the ship-boat staff, as well as the command post of the assault group. In general, the crews showed a good level of combat training,” Fedash said.

He added that thanks to such exercises, the Ukrainian Navy maintains the proper level of combat readiness to perform the assigned tasks.

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