U.S. will not yet send $100 million military aid package to Ukraine, – White House

21:19, 20 June 2021 – 112 UA

According to a White House spokesman, this military aid package was additional help if Russia continues to build up troops on the border with Ukraine.

National Security Advisor to the United States President Jake Sullivan confirmed that the United States has frozen $ 100 million in military aid to Ukraine. It is reported by The Washington Post.

Sullivan said it was additional help if Russia continues to build up troops on the border with Ukraine.

“Given that the threat has subsided, the United States has frozen this additional $ 100 million. The United States is ready to help Ukraine if Russia takes aggressive action,” media quoted the adviser to the American president.

Earlier the Politico, citing sources, reported that the White House temporarily froze a package of military aid to Ukraine for $ 100 million.

It is noted that the package included short-range air defense systems, small arms and other anti-tank weapons.

The interlocutors also noted that the package was frozen ahead of the meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

As you know, in Geneva on June 16, negotiations were held between US President Joe Biden and the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The talks between the leaders of the two countries lasted about 4 hours.

Vladimir Putin was the first to speak at a press conference, during which he said that the negotiations with Biden went “well.”

In addition, it was reported that the presidents raised the issue of Ukraine.


  1. Just to clear up any doubt about the White House freezing aid to Ukraine…here is last week’s “Foe of the Week” showing, again, that he wants to help Russia, not Ukraine.
    And Trump got impeached for THREATENING to withhold aid to Ukraine…

  2. Who is this spokesman? He has the gall to claim that ‘the threat has subsided’. He actually gets paid to talk complete drivel? It is equivalent to claiming that asylum claimants from Syria will no longer rape women, girls and young boys.

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