Joe Biden is getting a free ride for behaviour that would have seen Donald Trump denounced

You don’t have to be a Trump fan to notice that there has been a change of tone in media coverage between his administration and Biden’s.

Douglas Murray. 20th June. 2021

I cannot help but note for the dozenth time an entry in a game we might call “How different it would be if Trump had done it”.

You do not have to have any special liking for the former president of the United States to notice that there has been a remarkable change of tone in the Left-wing media’s coverage between his administration and the current one.

Last week, the American and international media went big on the significance of the meeting in Geneva between presidents Biden and Putin. In reality these meetings are never of any much importance beyond what both sides want to signal to their respective domestic audiences. Ahead of the meeting Biden’s choice was to make himself look tough as nails in facing down the killer Putin.

Standing in front of a crowd of American service personnel at RAF Mildenhall before the summit, President Biden told a cheering crowd that he was going to meet with Mr Putin “to let him know what I want him to know”. It was a rather vain boast to engage in. But it was also impossible not to consider what the reports would have looked like if Mr Trump had said that.

“Trump pushes world to brink of war” would have been one of the milder headlines. Everywhere people would have warned of the president’s “naivety” in ramping up tensions like this. Had Trump had cheering American military in the background, even worse accusations would have been made.

After the summit, CNN’s chief White House correspondent lobbed President Biden a softball question, asking why he was reported to be “confident” that Putin was going to change his behaviour. Biden promptly turned around and snapped at Kaitlan Collins, “What the hell, what do you do all the time?” and went on to correct her.

He subsequently apologised for snapping, but again it is impossible not to make the comparison. Had this been Trump, it would have been reported that he had turned on a CNN reporter because he wished he could have a media as pliant as his new friend Vladimir Putin has. He would have been lambasted for humiliating a journalist. And he would have been accused of misogyny for turning on a female journalist in particular. The airwaves would have been thick.

And this is the problem that much of America’s Left-wing media now has. Everybody can see through it. It is wholly transparent. The public knows that it has an agenda that they can see exceptionally clearly. As a result they seek out alternative media which gives them what they consider a fairer lens. So bit by bit, the country finds nothing that it can agree on.

It is a warning tale of a kind. Of the damage that can be done to a democracy by people high on the self-regard of imagining that they are saving it.


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  • Whichever side of the political line the media represent, the other side are going to attack everything you do. Trump got hammered by the likes of NYT and WaPo. Trump could do no wrong in the eyes of Fox news, Washington Times and the other right wing media in the US. The reverse is true for Biden, it seems now like there is no middle ground in politics, you are either right or left.

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    • You hit the nail on the head.
      There was a joke back in the Bush Jr era.
      The Pope come to Washington to meet Bush.
      Bush says “Hay your holiness lets take a walk on by the river.”
      So the two leaders are walking a long the Potomac when a stiff wind come s up and blows the Popes big tall miter hat off his head.
      The Pope says. “Oh my! What are we going to do?”
      Bush says “Don’t worry your self your Holiness’ I’ll get it.”
      So bust sets off across the Potomac at a brisk pace and when he gets to the hat he reaches down and pick it with out even getting his shoes wet.
      Handing the hat to the pope the pope say “Oh bless you my son, that was amazing!”
      Bush just says “Yaw that’s nothn'”. Hey! You want to the presidential yacht?”
      The next day the head lines read;
      there is an entire industry devoted to tearing down one side or the other. It does not matter what the president does or doesn’t do they are going to spin events to make him look bad. People bitch about Biden’s age. But if tomorrow he was de-aged to 64 the head lines would read “BIDEN CONDUCTS ILLEGAL GENITIC RESEARCH ON ABORTION FETUSES.” or some such shit.
      And the thing is American will lap it up.
      Which is why I am here concerning Ukraine and not the cluster fuck that is Modern American Pop culture.
      So can we please focus on Ukraine her many triumphs and tragedies and stop worrying about how many times Biden paused in a speech.

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      • I agree, except that sentiment did not go over well during the Trump years but now that a leftwinger is in office we need bipartisanship…
        Concentrating on Ukraine is the goal and we should do it. But I don’t plan to give Biden any more slack on Ukraine than Trump got….which was none.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I’m the last person to call everything that Trump did as being good. But Biden, the old fart, has done more harm in the few months in office than the Trumpet did in four years. Not many presidents can consider themselves to be more worthless than Biden can.

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