Denis Protsenko, the head physician of the Kommunarka hospital, did not want to run for the State Duma. But he agreed after Putin’s call

The chief physician of the 40th hospital in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, said on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel that he agreed to enter the federal list of United Russia in the elections to the State Duma after a call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This morning (June 19) I received a call from the President. It’s no secret that we were in the “red” zone and we know each other. And it was at that moment that I decided that the experience gained by the Kommunarka team over a year and a half could be useful at the federal level. I gave my consent.

A few days ago, on June 15, Denis Protsenko said on RT that he was not going to run for the State Duma elections. “I am a doctor, I am not a politician,” he explained, noting that he was not offered to run. “I don’t feel that legislative potential, even in the field of health care,” said Protsenko.

On June 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Russia congress proposed candidates for the top five on the federal party list in the elections to the State Duma. These are Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, doctor Denis Protsenko, head of the Sirius educational center Yelena Shmeleva and children’s ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova. The leader of the party, Dmitry Medvedev, was not included in the top five.

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