Lukashenko threatens to ban Belarus from accepting planes from Ukraine

Ukraine and other countries have suspended flights to Belarus due to the forced landing of Ryanair on May 23.European countries do not recognize Lukashenko's status as president / photo REUTERSEuropean countries do not recognize Lukashenko’s status as president / photo REUTERS

Alexander Lukashenko has stated that he will ban Belarus from allowing passenger planes to fly from Ukraine.

The pro-government Telegram channel Poole I quotes Lukashenko’s words .

Today he visited a children’s hospital in Minsk.

“Look how disgusting Ukraine has done. We are rescuing their people here and we will save them, people are not guilty of anything. They closed our flight. Well, we have to make a hook for 40-45 minutes, flying around them to get to Turkey there and further to Egypt… If Ukraine has already closed our flight, we will not just accept planes from Ukraine, ”he said.

Ukraine, along with a number of other countries, has temporarily suspended flights to Belarus due to the forced landing of a Ryanair passenger liner on May 23 with opposition leader Roman Protasevich.

In order to arrest the journalist, Lukashenko insisted on raising a military fighter, and Minsk dispatchers lied to the pilots about the alleged bomb in the plane.

Protasevich is accused of inciting citizens to riots in August 2020. Russian Sofia Sapega was also detained at the airport with him. Both are currently in custody.

Protests in Belarus erupted in the summer of 2020 against the falsification of the presidential election. The EU has imposed sanctions on protesters involved in the crackdown and killings and does not recognize Lukashenko’s status as president.

Political persecution of protesters continues in the country to this day.

Roman Protasevych is the founder of Belarus ‘largest telegram channel, NEXTA, which last year coordinated the protesters’ activities and now specializes in covering political events in the country.

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One comment

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said that Ukraine’s decision to stop flights to Belarus was motivated by political and safety considerations.
    He told this to the Dom television channel, according to Ukrinform.
    He told this on 25 of May!

    Luka, fool, you want to ban something what is already banned, good luck!

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