EU reaches deal on new economic sanctions against Belarus

Restrictions on the Belarusian financial sector will include: a ban on new loans, a ban on EU investors from trading securities or buying short-term bonds and a ban on EU banks from providing investment services

The European Union is set to ban new loans to Belarus after reaching a deal on Friday for economic sanctions on Belarus as punishment for forcing down a flight to arrest a journalist Roman Protasevich. It is reported by Reuters.

Broad economic sanctions would be the EU’s strongest response yet to the forced landing of a Ryanair flight in May by Belarusian authorities, a move the bloc’s leaders have called state piracy.

Restrictions on the Belarusian financial sector, if agreed by EU governments at a political level, will include: a ban on new loans, a ban on EU investors from trading securities or buying short-term bonds and a ban on EU banks from providing investment services. EU export credits will also end.

EU experts tasked with drawing up sanctions agreed on a ban of exports from the bloc of any communications equipment that could be used for spying, and a tighter arms embargo to include hunting rifles.

They also agreed restrictions on EU purchases from Belarus of tobacco products, as well as oil and oil-related products, and a ban on importing potash, a major Belarusian export.

As it was reported, on May 23, the founder of the largest opposition telegram channel of Belarus NEXTA, journalist Roman Protasevich, was detained in Minsk. The plane with Roman Protasevich on board flew from Athens to Vilnius. Suddenly, the plane gave a distress signal, changed course, and made an emergency landing at the Minsk National Airport. The emergency landing was caused by a mining signal.

The EU stated that the plane of Ryanair Company was forced to land at Minsk Airport due to the actions of the Belarusian military aircraft. CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary stated that the forcible landing of Athens-Vilnius flight in Belarus was highjacking backed by the state.

Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen threatened with sanctions the Belarusian officials responsible for the incident with the plane.

The U.S. and a number of the EU countries demand to stop the flights over Belarus, including the flights to the country itself.

Ukraine also closed its airspace for Belarusian planes on May 29.

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  • Good news that the terrorist state is going to get hammered. All things being equal, once Muscovy get found guilty of shooting down MH17, I expect massive sanctions on Russia. Nobody got killed in this escapade, and the Belarus economy will not survive these sanctions. The sanctions against Muscovy have to be 300 times stronger than Belarus received.

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    • It’s always good to be optimistic. I sincerely hope you’re right. But Holland has proved itself since 2014 to be a borderline Russia lackey. Could they have deliberately dragged this out so that the conclusion when it eventually comes, will be muted and the sanctions turn out to be the usual feeble crap? The rat regime might agree to pay compensation without admitting liability and the Dutch could then agree to put the shutters up on the investigation.
      The Poles have blown hot and cold about putler’s mass murder of their ruling elite in 2010, depending on who’s in power. This despite British investigators proving the presence of military explosives in the wreckage.
      If the will was there, the results of both the investigations into these massive crimes could be coordinated for maximum effect.
      But there is nothing at the moment to disturb the rodent’s sleep as his flunkies anxiously await their fascist dictator’s next orders.

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