White House freezes Ukraine military aid package: report

18 June, 2021 – By Thomas Barrabi | Fox News

The package is valued at as much as $100 million.

The White House has placed a temporary hold on a military aid package for Ukraine that included an arsenal of lethal weapons, according to a report Friday.

The package is valued at as much as $100 million and could have included an assortment of weaponry, including anti-tank missiles and air defense systems, Politico reported, citing sources familiar with the matter. The proposed shipments were a response to concerns about the Russian military massing troops near the country’s shared border with Ukraine earlier this year.

Members of the National Security Council froze the planned shipment after Russian officials withdrew some troops from the area. An estimated force of more than 100,000 Russian troops was massed near the border prior to the drawdown, according to multiple reports at the time.

While the aid package is frozen, an official told Politico that the weapons could be quickly sent to Ukraine if necessary. The Pentagon previously approved two aid packages valued at $275 million this year.

The White House has provided resources and support for Ukraine in recent years amid clashes between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatists forces in the border region. Russia has long denied having an active military presence within Ukraine’s borders.

The decision not to move forward with the $100 million aid package drew criticism from Sen. James Risch of Idaho, the ranking Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“It was past time to provide more for Ukraine’s defense when Putin began amassing his troops on its border,” Risch recently told the Washington Post. “His drawdown should not have triggered a drawdown of U.S. support.”

Russia’s actions toward Ukraine were a key source of contention ahead of President Biden’s summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this week, Biden said Ukraine has not met the criteria required to join NATO. He called on the Ukrainian government to crack down on corruption within its ranks. 

At the same time, Biden pledged to bolster Ukraine’s efforts to resist Russian aggression in the region.

“They have more to do, but that does not justify – the fact they have more to do – Russia taking aggressive action, either in the Donbas or on the sea or in any part of Ukraine. We’re going to put Ukraine in a position to be able to maintain their physical security,” Biden said.


  1. Well there you have it, this is what the new “REAL” president of the USA is doing to help Putin and Russia. After 4 years of hearing about Trump working for Russia…with no evidence….now we already have tons of evidence…not words…that the Democrat Biden truly is working for Putin and Russia.
    Who gave Putin an extension to the Start treaty that he’s been violating?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who removed some sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and essentially green lighting the bypassing of Ukraine?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who really is freezing aid to Ukraine, something that Trump only threatened to do but got impeached for it anyway?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who hired a press secretary that ran around D.C. wearing a Soviet Shapka from Zakharova and Lavrov?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who shut down American oil and gas production which only helps Putin’s oil and gas production?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who sent his son to Ukraine to sit on a gas board while he was in charge of Ukrainian policy for the USA despite his son not knowing anything about gas?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who received $3.5 million from the wife of an ex-mayor of Moscow?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Who was working in the White House when the White House gave a reset button to Lavrov and Putin?
    Biden, not Trump.
    Now it is clear…..Biden is a Russian agent….not Trump. But most of us here already knew that.

  2. This is a massive victory for the Franco-German alliance that runs the EU. Scum like Merkel and Macron will be quietly celebrating the fact that they have now got America where they want it. The first American president in history to repeatedly praise a murderous fascist dictator has incredibly been replaced with something even worse : a corrupt, venal liar who in 2014 coated Poroshenko with so much soft soap and blarney that Poro was led to believe that he was his and Ukraine’s friend, when the opposite was the truth. Bidensky has kicked Ukraine when she is down. He has just greenlit NS2 and followed this outrageous action with an obscene gesture of kissing fuhrer putler’s skanky ass by mothballing Ukraine’s desperately needed weaponry. Not only that, he had the unparalleled gall to block Ukraine’s Nato membership by using the excuse of corruption! As if Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, North Macedonia, Italy etc are bastions of integrity! The hypocrisy is simply breathtaking.
    It’s one of the biggest acts of betrayal to an ally in dire need in history. Simultaneously it is one of the most despicable acts of sycophancy to an evil dictatorship in history. It ranks with FDR overruling Churchill and trusting Stalin to allow Poland to have democratic elections, when all along he was throwing Poland to jackals.
    Trump was held back from his true intentions because the GOP had and still has some politicians of integrity. The Dems have no such people. This old bastard will likely be replaced by a gormless, cackling, piss-ass Marxist who built her career by providing oral relief to a corrupt slimeball.
    Only a Marco Rubio-led GOP administration can bring this shameful episode in history to an end. There may be someone else, but only Rubio formulated a plan to deal with putler in 2015 and had the courage to publish it. But he was defeated by a putler-groveler.
    In the meantime, Ukraine needs all the help it can get. She will of course survive. I suggest that Kuleba and co work tirelessly and diligently to build a powerful regional security alliance with Poland, Turkey, Pribaltika, Czechia, Moldova, Georgia and maybe even (very long shot at the moment) Romania.

      • Let’s hope it’s true.
        Good to see Marco being supportive as usual. The other support came from Elise Stefanik, a new name to me. She seems to have a lot of juice in the GOP, so I wish her luck. She’s young and attractive for a politician, which is always a plus.
        I wonder where this package is currently being stored, who gave the order to pause it (if true) and what will happen next?
        If it does get delivered, that won’t change Bidensky’s treachery much, but it will be a great help to Ukraine.
        In my view the Budapest signatories should have been secretly and continually delivering massive packages of defensive and offensive weaponry over a period of years.

        • Who gave the order? We only have one Commander in Chief. The review board probably has some of Psaki’s relatives on it…..
          I still can’t think of even one single concession Biden has gotten out of Vladolf but Biden’s given him the kitchen sink so far. That equipment was cued up and ready weeks ago so this could essentially be a late Friday document dump and might even have been a condition for meeting the fascist zit.

  3. Thus is the result of the little backroom sex between the little sewer rat and the old fart wannabe president. Backstabbing is a leftist tradition and Biden, the socialist dog turd, is demonstrating just how this is done. We haven’t seen the last of this type of hypocritical, misleading and treasonous behavior from this asshole, mark my words. Unfortunately, my skepticism of Biden rings loud and true. Believe me, I wish very much that I would have been proven wrong and this all across the board.

    • She certainly is. She infiltrated Maidan to allow Putin to take Crimea and prevent Ukraine from joining Nato. She aided the ‘refugees’ to invade and destabilize Europe. And she fucked Anglia during Brexit, giving you the shittiest deal possible. Not to mention some attacks on myself by her shit state. She is just Stasi scum.

  4. And the White house has officially denied this bull shite. So much for that issue.
    As long as you all have been following this war can’t you smell Russian disinformation?

    • This “Russian disinformation” came from the White House.

      According to Politico: “Members of the National Security Council froze the planned shipment after Russian officials withdrew some troops from the area.”

      According to the Washington Post: “The decision by the Biden administration to halt the package was first reported by The Washington Post earlier this week, but Politico’s report included further details.”

      According to the Russian Agent Psaki in the White House: “We have also prepared contingency funds in the event of a further Russian incursion into Ukraine.”

      So, what was decided to send to Ukraine because of the Russian build up of troops is now being withheld because the White House believes the Russian propaganda that they pulled back. Your ire is misdirected Sir Murf, take off your political blinders and you will see 🙂

      • His only focus is presidents, not parties. Our Republican Party, the party of John McCain, has always been supportive of Ukraine. Trump may not, but the rest was and stays pro-Ukraine. Smurf better gets the truth out of it, before he will make a clown of himself. 😎

    • Nope. But i can smell treason by Merkle and Macron. You would follow them, no matter what, even if it would kill Ukraine. No doubt, Trump sucked concerning our expectations from a GOP man, but Joe is even worse. Bad times for the free world, but not forever.

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