French FM says there are currently no conditions for Ukraine’s accession to NATO


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says there are currently no conditions for Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

“No, because at the moment the conditions for this have not yet been created,” Le Drian said on the air of BFM TV channel when asked about his position on Ukraine, which “wants to join NATO.”

At the same time, he stressed the need for “constant pressure” on Russia, which is conducting aggressive actions against Ukraine.

The minister disagreed with the host’s opinion that the international sanctions imposed on Russia are not effective.

Le Drian spoke in favor of the need to continue and maintain the dialogue with Moscow, because, in his words, “Russia is Europe, and it will not move anywhere.”

As Ukrinform reported, on June 14, the NATO summit was held in Brussels to consider ways to strengthen the transatlantic partnership and develop the Alliance by 2030.

Following the NATO summit, U.S. President Joe Biden said that there are no conditions for Ukraine to join the Alliance, because the state must fight corruption.

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  • This Gallic fart-arse is the one who stated that putlerstan was behind ‘les giletsjaunes’, as we knew already. In April this year he condemned as “unbearable” the Russian determination to break hunger-striking opposition figure, Alexei Navalny, warning that the European Union will not hesitate to sanction Vladimir Putin and the Russian authorities in the event of Navalny’s death in prison.
    This loathsome hypocrite is prepared to get really angry about putler’s internal persecution of one man, yet is totally unmoved by his acts of genocide on Ukrainians and theft of their land. The French are the most useless, stupid , gutless fucks on earth.

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