The number of cases has tripled. Such dynamics have never been Sobyanin spoke about the “rapid deterioration” of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow

The situation in Moscow is rapidly deteriorating. The dynamics are unexpected. 60% of Muscovites either got sick or were vaccinated – we expected not an increase, but a decrease in the incidence. Most likely, we are faced with new, more aggressive strains. In a matter of days, the number of cases increased from three thousand to seven, and tomorrow it will be nine thousand. This is a threefold increase. Such dynamics have not been observed in previous bursts of morbidity. We have tightened our sanitary requirements. During the week, the number of fines has tripled. We decided to introduce compulsory vaccination of workers in trade, services, education, health care, and government bodies. Vaccination enrollments have tripled, but this is still not enough. The health care system must be re-mobilized. In a matter of days, we increased the number of beds for patients with covid from 12 to 17 thousand, we plan to increase it to 24 thousand. We can hardly keep up with the growth of hospitalizations, but we can do it, there is a reserve.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


  • Nicotine protects from Corona, not vodka or Sputnik…

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  • Russian propaganda about vaccines has been going on for years, now it’s come to bite them on the ass. Plus the Russian vaccine doesn’t work anyway, the EU are still waiting for data to give the go ahead for this mythical vaccine.


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