Putin outraged by US involvement in “bloody coup in Ukraine”

he Russian president admitted that he was not invited to visit the White House.Vladimir Putin / ReutersVladimir Putin / Reuters

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting with Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin complained that the West called Russia’s policy “unpredictable,” while the United States itself behaved unpredictably.

Enumerating the treaties from which America withdrew, Putin also mentioned the 2014 Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Kremlin boss did not say “in Ukraine” but “in Ukraine.”

“If you take the situation with Ukraine, with Crimea, everything dances from it. The question is, what is stable about supporting the coup in Ukraine? When former President Yanukovych agreed with all the demands of the opposition, but was ready to step down and announce in three months of re-election. No, it was necessary to make a bloody coup, which led to known consequences – Donbass and Crimea later, “- said Putin. 

He added that he did not believe that Russia was behaving “unpredictably” and expressed the opinion that Moscow’s behavior was “adequate to the threats arising for us.”

At the same time, Putin offered to “agree on rules of conduct” to ensure stability and clarified that he saw Biden as such.

The Russian leader also commented on his possible visit to America and Biden’s probable visit to Russia – according to him, there are no such preconditions at the moment:

“Biden did not invite me to visit, I did not invite Biden either, the conditions must be ripe for that.”

Earlier, the US president invited Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to visit the White House this summer .

It will be recalled that Putin began his speech with a statement that the topic of Ukraine “was not touched on in detail” and noted that the topic of Kyiv’s accession to NATO was “touched by a stroke”, so there was “nothing to discuss”.

However, he spoke several times about Ukraine, commenting on Kyiv’s potential  accession to NATO , and also expressed dissatisfaction 

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  • Keep whining. Once Zelensky and Kolomoisky are in jail, you can cry even more. Ukraine is not a territory, but 44 million people who have the fuck enough of your bullshit, your aggression, your mercenaries and your corruption. So GFY!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I swear, Ruskies are an ill-educated pack of idiots. None of them know the meaning of “coup”. They also don’t know what happened in Ukraine in 2013-2014.
    Or, they are lying through their teeth.
    More than likely it’s both.

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    • I would love to have seen the bastards face when this question was asked.

      Putin became visibly irritated responding to questions from an ABC News reporter, who asked the Russian president about his treatment of political opponents.

      “If all of your political opponents are dead, in prison, poisoned… Doesn’t that send the message that you don’t want a political fight?” she asked.

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      • He was rattled Sir Foccusser. The lady asked him 2 questions as I remember and he was in the background. One question was about his opponents all being dead or in jail and she point blank asked him, “What are you afraid of?” Shortly after that his translator ear piece stopped working so she got to repeat her question….;)))

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  • What Putler is saying. You kicked out our corrupt puppet, so we had no option but to invade Donbas and Crimea, and start a terrorist campaign that resulted in thousands dead, and civilian airliner shot out of the sky by Russia.

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    • Congrats to Cymre’s victory. Well played! 😀

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    • onlyfactsplease

      Biden should tell the little murderer those words. “Your corrupt puppet was kicked out, so you had no other idea but to invade Donbas and Crimea, and to start a terrorist campaign that resulted in thousands dead, and civilian airliner shot out of the sky by you.” But, he won’t because the old mummy doesn’t have the balls. I’m sure Reagan would have said something like that to shorty.

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    • Italy crushed Switzerland (New Kosovo) and kicked the stinky turks out! 😂

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    • And worse, you’ll see above that Vladolf thinks the invasion of Crimea was AFTER the invasion of the Donbas. He can’t even get that right. So why would he claim that?

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