Putin on the results of the meeting with Biden: the topic of Ukraine was touched upon in less detail

Biden met with Putin in Geneva.Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin held talks in Geneva / ReutersJoe Biden and Vladimir Putin held talks in Geneva / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first to speak about the results of a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

The head of the Kremlin gives a press conference at Villa La Grange in Geneva.

In particular, Putin spoke about Ukraine on the agenda of the bilateral summit.

“The issue of Ukraine was not raised in such detail, but as far as I understand President Biden, he believes that the basis for a settlement in the Donbass should be the Minsk agreements,” – said the Russian leader.

At the same time, the topic of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, Putin says, was hardly touched upon: “As for the possible accession of Ukraine to NATO – the topic was touched upon by a ‘smear’, there is probably nothing to discuss here.”

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  • They discussed Ukraine for 2 minutes. Nothing different than the Trump-summit………………

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  • Let’s hear what Biden says before we draw any conclusions from Putler’s lies. Judging by the way Putin is now attacking the US in the usual Russian way of “whataboutism” I would say things have not gone to plan.

    He then went on to hit out against human rights alleging there were “secret CIA prisons across the globe where people are tortured”.

    “Would anyone agree this is how you protect human rights?” he added.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I really don’t want to know what the rug rat is saying. He lies every time when his foul trap opens. I want to know what Biden is saying. Although Biden is a forgetful old fool, I think his statements are still much closer to the truth. Some statements from trustworthy reporters would be even better.

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