Biden praises Putin


  • Already showing that his new ‘get tough’ policy is bullshit.

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  • “Biden lavished praise on Putin. If Trump had done this, the media would have a fit.”

    Trump did, and so did the media. I’m not quite sure calling someone an adversary is on a par with saying you trust Putin before you trust your own intelligence agencies, but the tweet is from a GOP rep.

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    • There are 2 vids there. On the second one Biden does indeed praise putler in a way that would be nauseating to Ukrainians. You don’t need a Twitter account to see them.

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      • I just don’t understand what the US have to gain by this meeting. Putler is already thumping his chest about being equal to the US. All the terrorism, hacking and murders are legitimised by this meeting. If Biden wanted to talk, the Kremlin have phones.

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    • There was a lot of corruption in the CIA and FBI too, they absolutely didn’t want a businessman getting into politics. Lies, smears, leaking and set ups? He was making a point but it was a terrible point and absolutely the wrong time to do it. Trump’s biggest problem is he loves adulation and Putler probably gave it to him too. Just shows he’s got a little noodle too ;))

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  • onlyfactsplease

    When I think that this old fool can’t get any stupider, he manages to top his previous stupidity.
    But, I did not expect top-rate statesmanship from this dried prune. Although, even I didn’t expect him brown-nosing the sewer rat.

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