“We don’t have the habit of killing someone” The main thing from Vladimir Putin’s interview with NBC News

On the eve of the summit with Joe Biden in Geneva, Vladimir Putin gave a long interview in the Kremlin to NBC News journalist Kir Simmons. On June 14, the American television channel published an English version of the conversation. Later, a transcript in Russian appeared on the Kremlin’s website. Meduza recounts the main point from an interview with the Russian president.

About Alexey Navalny

Putin denies giving the order to crack down on his political opponent. “We don’t have the habit of killing anyone,” the president said. At the same time, he did not give a guarantee that Navalny, who is now in prison, will be released from prison safe and sound. “Listen, in our country it is not the president who makes such decisions, the court makes such decisions – to release, not to release,” he said.

“[In prison] he will be treated no worse than anyone else,” Putin added. “His name is Alexei Navalny,” commented an NBC journalist. “Are you ready to say that he will be released from prison?” “No matter. He can be called whatever you like, he is one of the people who are in prison, ”Putin replied.

Interference in the US elections 

Putin called “an endless farce” the accusations against Russian hackers and the Russian authorities of interfering in the American elections. “We were accused of everything in the world. Interference in elections, cyber attacks, and so on. And no one once bothered to present any evidence and evidence. Only unfounded accusations, – said the President of the Russian Federation. “I’m surprised we haven’t been accused of provoking the Black Lives Matter movement yet.” “On such unsubstantiated accusations, I can answer you: you can complain to the International League of Sexual Reforms. Will this suit you? ”Putin added.

Cooperation with the USA

Putin hopes Moscow and Washington can join forces in the fight against cybercrime. “It is our great hope that we can begin this process with our partners in the United States,” he says. In addition, Putin said he was ready to discuss the exchange of prisoners with Biden. “I know that we have some US citizens who are in prison, but if you look at how many Russian citizens are in the US prison, it’s incomparable,” he said. Also, according to him, Russia will continue to cooperate with the United States in space, if the American partners themselves do not refuse this. The Russian leader believes that relations between Moscow and Washington have lacked predictability and stability in recent years.

About the storming of the Capitol

Russia is accused of suppressing dissent, but the United States itself persecutes its own citizens for their political views, Putin said. As an example of this, he cited the incident with the storming of the Capitol by Trump’s supporters. “We have such a proverb: there is nothing to blame on the mirror if the face is crooked. This has nothing to do with you personally, but if someone accuses us of something, you look at yourself, you will see yourself in the mirror, and not us. There is nothing unusual here, ”the president said.

“I want to ask you: did you order the murder of a woman who entered Congress and was shot by a police officer? Did you know that you have 450 people arrested after entering Congress? And they did not come to steal a computer there, they came with political demands, ”Putin asked the journalist.

About Biden

Putin claims he does not remember how Biden, at a meeting with him in 2011, said that the Russian leader “has no soul.” He described the current President of the United States as a professional with whom you can work. “He has spent almost his entire life conscientiously in politics,” Putin said.

About Trump

Putin called the former American leader “an outstanding, talented and bright personality.” “Otherwise he would not have become the President of the United States. Someone may like him or not, ”he noted.

Is Putin a killer?

“Listen to me, during my work I am accustomed to attacks from different directions on very many occasions, of different quality and severity. It doesn’t surprise me. I have heard dozens of such accusations, “- this is how Putin answered a direct question from an NBC News journalist about whether the Russian president is a murderer. In response to listing the names of people killed in Russia during the years of Putin’s rule, he said the following: “You know what, I don’t want to sound rude, but it looks like some kind of indigestion, only verbal.”

About the successor

Putin said that “someday another person will definitely come to take my place.” “If I see that a person, even if he is critical of some areas of my activity, but I see that this is a person with constructive views, a person is devoted to the country, ready to put on the altar of the Fatherland not just years, but all of his life, no matter how he treats me personally, I will do everything for such people to be supported, ”he said.

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    And my predecessor, which I personally will choose, must be also President Of Russia his whole life!

    Have a nice chat, Mr. Biden!!!

  2. “Listen, in our country it is not the president who makes such decisions, the court makes such decisions – to release, not to release,”

    Who runs the courts in Russia? Are they independent of the Kremlin?

  3. “Is Putin a killer?”
    More! He is a cold-blooded murderer. He is also a thief, a dick-tator, a liar, a pedophile and a crime boss. He is not a president, politician or someone to be friends with. In short, Pew-tin is a pathetic piece of shit.
    I wish there was some way to bring my message to his attention.

    • Typical of NBC to completely forget Putin’s worst human rights violations; the invasions of his neighbors and killing thousands and thousands of foreigners. He always tells people what subjects are closed subjects and I expect the POTUS to go along with it too. I very much doubt we will hear even ONE WORD from Putin the Invader about his illegal occupations.

  4. “I’ve met him before. He’s smart, tough, and I would say he’s a worthy opponent,” Biden told a briefing .

    The US president said that at the upcoming summit with Putin he intends to mark possible areas of US-Russian cooperation, as well as “red lines” in relations with the Kremlin.

    Everyone Praises The Putin, why?

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