Vladimir Putin Warns Ukraine That Joining NATO is Unacceptable

By Zoe Strozewski

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that it would be unacceptable to Russia if Ukraine joined NATO during an interview Wednesday with Russian state television.

The longtime leader claimed that Ukraine’s admittance to the organization would give NATO access to missiles that need just seven minutes to reach Moscow and other points of interest in Russia, the Associated Press reported. He also said that his concern would be similar to a situation where Russian missiles were stationed in Mexico or Canada, allowing them to reach the U.S. in a much shorter amount of time if deployed.

“At least 50 percent of Ukrainian residents don’t want entry into NATO and these are smart people,” Putin said during the interview. “They understand, they don’t want to wind up on the firing line, they don’t want to be bargaining chips or cannon fodder.”

U.S. President Joe Biden, who will meet Putin at a Geneva summit Wednesday, told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a call that the U.S. support for Ukraine’s independence is unmoving. Biden said that Kyiv’s position in Russia would be considered when discussing NATO affairs, the Associated Press reported.

(c) Newsweek


  • Ukraine WILL join Nato definitely. RuSSia is to be blamed for this development. Next time don’t invade countries before talking about Nato. Ukraine will be Nato and hopefully the next Nato secretary will be Petro Poroshenko.

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  • “The longtime leader claimed that Ukraine’s admittance to the organization would give NATO access to missiles that need just seven minutes to reach Moscow and other points of interest in Russia, the Associated Press reported.”

    Sumy in Ukraine is 685km from Moscow. Zilupe in Latvia (a NATO member) to Moscow is 623km. Vilnius in Lithuania, (another NATO member) to Moscow is 890 km. As usual with Putin, his reasoning is full of BS. NATO already have missiles that could reach Moscow even quicker than if they were based in Ukraine. In fact, a submarine in the gulf of Finland could launch a missile to reach St Petersburg in two minutes.

    Nope this has nothing to do with missiles reaching the shithole, this is all to do with Ukraine defending themselves against the scum.

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  • They would not need to join Nato if putlerstan was not ruled by fucking nazis would they? Tell the poisonou little toad to fuck off out of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, then they can reconsider.
    As it happens putler’s got nothing to worry about : the putlerite scum in Nato will stop Ukraine from joining.
    It is the Budapest signatories that must take full responsibility for Ukraine’s security. So get on and do it.

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    • The real reason is also the same reason Vladolf reflexively moved to occupy Crimea; to protect his warm water Navy base. Its #1 on his foreign policy agenda. Just imagine the relief felt all over the Black Sea region if NATO rightfully took Sevastopol and destroyed the illegal Kerch bridge?!

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      • The cunt had a 30 year lease on Sevastopol naval base, which Ukraine would have honored even without Yanukovich. Also he has hundreds of kilometers of warm water along the Black Sea. He could have built a massive naval base instead of his fucking palaces, so he has no excuse.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Just for this reason alone – the little cocksucker telling Ukraine not to join NATO – Ukraine should, despite the sorry state of affairs with this organization.

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  • англійський масон


    The most pointless word in the English Dictionary.

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    • I thought Vladolf said a thousand times that “Russia” doesn’t interfere in other country’s affairs…
      Just imagine if Ukraine told Vladolf it was unacceptable for him to join OPEC. I wonder what his response would be?

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  • I got bad news for the little muther fucker, in a few more years Ukraine will have it’s own missiles that can reach Moscow.
    Their Grom II also called Thunder II ballistic missile can already do 500 Kms and that was deliberately limited by the now defunct INF treaty.
    Then he won’t have milk toast NATO leaders holding Ukraine back from getting some serious pay back.

    In other good missile news Maritime Launch Services of Canada has secured financing for their first launch scheduled in 2022. MLS uses Ukraine rockets as their launch vehicle and plan on 12 launches a year.

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