Dozhd was expelled from the Kremlin pool of journalists. Due to the fact that the channel covered the actions in support of Navalny

Channel Dozhd was excluded from the official journalistic pool of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meduza was told about this by two sources on the channel.

This information was confirmed by the editor-in-chief of “Dozhd” Tikhon Dzyadko. “Yes, a few weeks ago we were informed that our correspondent no longer works in the pool,” he said.

As Meduza noted, Dozhd’s correspondent has not been taking part in the daily briefings of Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov since May 13.

According to Meduza’s sources, the reason for Dozhd’s exclusion from the pool was that the channel covered in detail the return of opposition leader Alexei Navalny from Germany to Russia and subsequent rallies in support of him.

Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Meduza that Dozhd was excluded from the pool due to its coverage of rallies in support of Navalny. “Yes, unfortunately it is connected. The channel supported illegal actions in those days, ”Peskov said.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • When a Russian journalist reports something, he supports it…………………………………….Russian Junta logic.

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    • Real journalists like Rain TV are not welcome in Putin’s RuSSia…

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      • Compared to evil kremkrapper media output, it is a breath of freedom. However, it was banned from Ukraine for presenting Krym as part of the RF. The owners said that they had to because it is illegal in their shithole country to state that Krym is Ukraine.
        As far as I am aware, RaT is still broadcasting in Ukraine? WTF?

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