Bloody “picnic”: on the beach of the Dnieper 12 Nigerians cut and burned goats (photo, video)

The men claim that they wanted to have a “picnic” in honor of a friend’s birthday. They were taken away by the police.In the Dnieper, police detained men who cut and burned goats on the beach / photo "Informant"In the Dnieper, police detained men who cut and burned goats on the beach / photo “Informant”

In the afternoon on Monday, June 14, in Dnipro on Manuylivsky beach (former Vorontsovsky) foreigners arranged an unusual “picnic”.

According to the ” Informant “, local vacationers heard the cries of animals and smelled smoke. Going to the sound, they found that a company of 12 foreigners on the river in the bushes cut the throats of goats, and then throws their bodies into the "Informant"photo “Informant”

Four animals were killed, one was rescued. Police and then SOG were called to the scene. The men explained to the police that they were citizens of Nigeria.

Police found the bodies of headless goats and one live tied goat. According to foreigners, in this way they arranged a “picnic” in honor of his friend’s birthday.

The men were detained and taken to the police station.

(c)UNIAN 2021


  • And to think some people just have cake and ice cream when we could have severed goats heads….

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Nigerians, like any other Africans and also any Muslims, do not belong in Ukraine! Don’t turn into another frogland or Germanystan!!!

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    • No, Nigerians don’t. But Tatars have been there for 1000 years; as long as the Jews. It is their home. You won’t find more loyal Ukrainians than Tatars, who have been fighting on the front line since 2014.
      For their loyalty to Ukraine, Crimean Tatars have been suffering torture by electricity and had their homes stolen by putlerstani occupiers.


    • I have no problems with Africans, as long as they are not muslims. Muslims are all retards, blinding the naive idiots until they take over and enslave or kill them.


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