Markarova signs lease agreement for new consulate of Ukraine in Texas

Markarova signs lease agreement for new consulate of Ukraine in Texas

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova signed an agreement on the lease of the premises, which will house the new consulate of Ukraine in the state of Texas, according to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

“Today we took another important step towards the opening of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Houston, Texas. Ambassador Oksana Markarova signed a lease agreement for the premises where the new foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine in the United States will officially be located,” the message on the Facebook social network says.

“We are very pleased with the opportunity to increase and develop the Ukrainian presence in the American regions. South America has a large and active Ukrainian society, as well as great potential for the development of new strategic directions of the Ukrainian-American partnership,” the embassy said.



  • The Diaspora in the US is excited about this. In the past Ukrainians from Texas used to have to go to Chicago or San Francisco. At least Houston is a civilized city.

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  • Its good to see Ukraine expanding its presences in the US.
    They need to add another one in Atlanta to serve the south east.
    there a lot of tourists on the southern beaches and Atlanta is a grown tech and entertainment center.


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