Latvian court puts Saeima deputy accused of spying for Russia under arrest


Friday, 11 June, Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court decided to apply an arrest as a security measure for Saeima deputy Jānis Ādamsons, who is accused of spying for Russia.

The ruling is subject to appeal in Riga Regional Court.

The law states that an arrest is an applicable security measure only if there is solid information regarding a the possibility of a person having committed a crime that is punishable with deprivation of freedom and if there is no confidence that the person will not commit another crime, impede or flee the investigation.

This Thursday the majority in the Saeima decided to permit law enforcers to detain Jānis Ādamsons and perform searches in his office and home.

So far the State Security Service has reported that investigative actions have been performed in a criminal case on espionage.

The criminal procedure was commenced in accordance to Part 1 of Section 85 of the Criminal Law. According to information from LETA, the State Security Service suspects Ādamsons of committing acts of espionage in 40 different episodes.

The aforementioned section of the Criminal Law details acts of espionage, including illegal collection of non-disclosable information for the purposes of transferring it or commits transferring thereof to a foreign state or foreign organisation, either directly or through mediation of another person, or who commits illegal collecting of other information or transferring thereof to a foreign intelligence service on its behalf, directly or with the intermediation of another person. The applicable punishment is the deprivation of liberty for a period of up to ten years, with probationary supervision for a period of up to three years.

According to information from LTV, Ādamsons is suspected of feeding confidential information to Russia in the past four years.

Unofficial information suggests Ādamsons leaked both publicly accessible information – different law amendments, information about army procurements and budget, and provided information about Latvia’s eastern border infrastructure and Baltic Assembly’s position on Nord Stream 2 project. Unofficial information also suggests he used his computer in the parliament to leak information.

In the Saeima Ādamsons worked in the Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, Submissions Committee and Baltic Affairs Sub-Committee. Although Ādamsons has no permit to access official secrets, he had the right to participate in meetings of the Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Committee during which officials presented confidential information.

He also worked in multiple Saeima deputy groups. As a member of the parliament he worked in the work group in charge of cooperation with the Israeli Parliament, the Chinese Parliament and Belarusian Parliament. In January 2019 Ādamsons became the head of the group of deputies in charge of developing cooperation with the Russian parliament.

During the Soviet era Ādamsons held different posts in the USSR Navy. After the restoration of Latvia’s independence Ādamsons served as deputy commander of Latvian Navy and commander of the Border Guards Brigade. Later he entered politics. Ādamsons still receives a military pension paid by Russia.

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