Danish investors to expand their businesses in Lviv – Ambassador Mikkelsen


Investors from Denmark intend to expand their businesses in Lviv, because they note a good business environment in the city, Danish Ambassador to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen has said.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, he stated this on Friday, June 11, at the All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Self-Government, which was broadcast live on the forum’s Facebook page.

“Lviv occupies a very special place among other Ukrainian cities. After all, now this is the place where there is more Danish investment than anywhere else. And it is no accident, because investors came to Ukraine and could not find anywhere else what they found in Lviv. And for me, it is not a coincidence, because there is a good business environment here. Danish investors tell me that they intend to expand their businesses, because they are completely satisfied with how everything works here and have clear confidence in the future,” Mikkelsen said.

He added that many Danish finances were currently working on various projects in Lviv, which means that financial institutions in Lviv are confident that “the city is thriving, that there is development.”

“And this is a key thing, a good result of that work. […] I think that the example of Lviv tells us how critical it is to allow local authorities to work, to give them more independence so that they could create a good investment climate. And business creates new jobs, which is also important for the whole country,” Mikkelsen said.

The VIII All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Self-Government is being held in Lviv on June 10-11. It brought together more than 300 mayors and representatives of local self-government from all regions of Ukraine. In total, about 1,150 participants registered for the event.

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