Ex-Putin’s aide Surkov: “Ukraine may be regained only by force”

Surkov has made an anti-Ukrainian statement.Surkov has made an anti-Ukrainian statement / Photo from WarGonzoSurkov has made an anti-Ukrainian statement / Photo from WarGonzo

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov has said Ukraine “may be regained only by force.”

That’s according to his interview with the WarGonzo Telegram channel.

However, he did not specify what kind of force he was talking.

“Of course, by force. By force! The force is different, not only military. There is also the power of the special services, it is different. There is the so-called soft power, notorious term, but it also exists. There is the power of economic influence, political influence,” he said.

)Surkov added the Russian Federation allegedly “wins the international situation.” The world, in his words, “is really tired of Ukraine.”

Earlier, Ukrainian media published what they claimed was a leaked recording of a conversation that took place in 2014 between Vladimir Putin’s ally in Ukraine, MP Viktor Medvedchuk and Surkov, where they discussed power supplies to occupied Crimea and prisoner exchange in Donbas. The SBU promised to conduct an examination, the results have not yet been reported.

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  • Putin still dreams to retake whole Ukraine!!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It could have worked in 2014 but not anymore. Mafia land would get a bloody nose and then some. Soft power won’t work either. Mafia land has no concept and no ideas. It has lost Ukraine for good. It is dead in the water.

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    • Taking Ukraine by force would be a nightmare for the Moskali because they would have to kill half and the other half would flee. That’s the problem with Surkov is he thinks Slavic countries have to be taken by force and not friendship. It figures because they live in the 13th century and have learned nothing from history. How did it turn out in Georgia in 2008? Ukraine in 2014? It just made us hate them even more, but if they had a great economy then they might win over some.

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