Moscow authorities did not expect a sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus. According to Meduza, two covid hospitals to be urgently reopened in the city

In Moscow, the number of new cases of COVID-19 is growing for the fourth day in a row. According to official data, as of June 9, 4124 new cases of the disease were registered in the city per day. The number of hospitalizations is also growing – 1,539 people were admitted to hospitals per day.

The city authorities announced the strengthening of control over the wearing of masks and gloves in public places and the observance of sanitary and epidemiological standards at enterprises and organizations. It is with non-compliance with sanitary measures that epidemiologists, according to the vice-mayor of Moscow for social policy Anastasia Rakova, associate the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced an increase in the number of hospital beds for the treatment of patients with covid. “In the coming days, we are opening several more hospitals,  Sobyanin’s statement is quoted by Interfax . According to Meduza’s sources in the mayor’s office, two hospitals with beds for covid patients will be reactivated by the end of the week. A source close to the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in Moscow, in turn, made it clear that perhaps more than two hospitals will open in the coming days, but did not specify how many.

Sources of “Meduza” in the city hall and in the headquarters said that the Moscow authorities did not expect an increase in the incidence of coronavirus in early June. They assumed that the surge in new cases of COVID-19 would be seasonal, that is, in the fall. According to a source in the headquarters, the increase in the incidence could be triggered by two factors: the vacation season and the last calls to schools, which took place on May 25.

A source in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, in turn, believes that the increase in the incidence in Moscow cannot be considered the “third wave” of coronavirus infection, but it is about the “volatility” of the spread of COVID-19.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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