European Parliaments calls for disconnecting Belarus from SWIFT

The European Parliament calls for Belarus to be disconnected from the SWIFT payment system, as well as to ban the country’s national team from participating in the Tokyo Olympic, reported the Belarusian news outlet Nasha Niva.

The European Parliament calls on the Council of the European Union to expand sanctions against Belarus as soon as possible. The sanctions list should include all those responsible for the forced landing of the Ryanair passenger plane and the arrest of opposition journalist Roman Protasevich.

In addition, the European Union is calling for sanctions against the Belarusian propagandist Marat Markov, who interviewed the detained Protasevich, and also impose restriction on Belarusian exports of potassium, oil products, steel and lumber products.

It is also proposed to consider disconnecting Belarus from the SWIFT international payment system, suspending the country’s membership in international sports organizations and restricting Belarusian athletes’ access to competitions, including the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The European Parliament also demanded that Belarusian television be deprived of the right to broadcast matches of the European Football Championship. The broadcasting rights of European Football Championship are expected to be given to the Belarusian opposition TV channel Belsat on a pro bono basis.

(C)UAWIRE 2021

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