Stefanishyna: Half of NATO members in favor of granting MAP to Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna assures that half of NATO member states are in favor of granting a Membership Action Plan to Ukraine.

“Before the NATO summit, I would like to thank almost half of the Allies who support granting Membership Action Plan to Ukraine. I hope that this decision will be made … I can confirm that, in fact, half of the Allies are in favor of such a decision,” Stefanishyna said during a press conference within the framework of the forum “Ukraine 30. Ecology”, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister is convinced that the most important thing now is to mobilize political unity within the Alliance to reach a decision on Ukraine. In view of this, the high-ranking official noted that Ukraine was holding discussions with Hungary, namely on the issue of national minorities, the United States, the Baltic states, Poland, and other member states.

“In the near future, NATO will approve a 10-year development strategy, and Ukraine’s principled position is that the document should be clear about this,” she said.

Stefanishyna drew attention to Russia’s influence on NATO and the reluctance of countries to “irritate Russia” but she believes that Ukraine should not expect changes in Russia on the path towards the Alliance membership.

My main message is that we should not expect these changes [in Russian leadership]. We must be ready for any changes at any time, and Ukraine’s membership in NATO is one of such elements to accelerate transformations in the Russian Federation itself,” the Deputy Prime Minister believes.

In May, Stefanishyna said that NATO continued to pursue an “open door” policy and continued to support Ukraine in security and defense sector reforms, but a decision on the MAP for Ukraine was unlikely to be made during the summit.

The next NATO summit will take place in Brussels on 14 June.

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  • “Before the NATO summit, I would like to thank almost half of the Allies who support granting Membership Action Plan to Ukraine. I hope that this decision will be made … I can confirm that, in fact, half of the Allies are in favor of such a decision,”

    Which means more than half are against. Ukraine should forget about joining NATO in it’s current form, it’s not going to happen. Better building alliances with Poland, the Baltics, the UK and the US. After all, the US and UK contribute the bulk of the money to NATO anyway.

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    • And then what do you do if you get a wimpy douche like Biden for 4 or 8 years or an appeaser like Merkel for 20?

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      • The West in general has been wimpy against Putin for 20 years. Now we know what all the Russian money has gone into, yet Ukraine are the country that needs to fight corruption. Compared to the West, Ukraine are babes in arms when it comes to corruption.

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        • Very true. At least in the US they are not called Oligarchs, they’re called Lobbyists…
          It just came out this week that Obama and maybe Trump gave no-bid government contracts out. As I understand it, that’s not legal. And herein lies the main problem, We The People don’t even know for years and even then that’s IF a journalist worth their salt asks the questions and reports on it.

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  • Half? Proves what I’ve said all along. Nato is not fit for purpose.
    If you asked the leaders of the member countries the following question, what would be the answer?
    Qn: if a bunch of thugs murdered your wife, burned your house down and were in the process of raping your children, would you expect your neighbours to help you?

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  • She states less than half, meaning at least 16 are against Ukraine. It makes a mockery of the supposed purpose of NATO.

    “NATO’s essential and enduring purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of all its members by political and military means. Collective defence is at the heart of the Alliance and creates a spirit of solidarity and cohesion among its members.”

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  • Nato must allow Ukraine to join, even if the occupied territories would not be covered. Ukraine deserves protection against the communist aggressor.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I am very sure that if there was ever an attack on a NATO member by mafia land, many NATO members would not engage in a military response. At best, they would drag their feet with everything possible. Most have mediocre armies anyway and are pathetic in their equipment and training. If it weren’t for the United States and to a lesser extend Britain, what would NATO be?
    Trump was right, concerning this kindergarten. If he had been a better president, he would have initiated an effort to create a new alliance in which only countries can be members, who are serious about defense. He should have annulled our membership too. And, of course, not be in love with that little perverted Kremlin animal.

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    • Agreed. Trump did get boat loads more money out of NATO members but he didn’t quite finish the job. I would suggest that if members can’t support the whole group or pay up the 2% then they drop down to “strategic partners” like Ukraine is now, and lose their vote.

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