Bayraktar TB2 defeated by Armenian “Tors”: Russia covered its backwardness with fakes

To cover up their own defeat, Russian propagandists went on a direct deception and created a fake based on footage of the shooting down of Azerbaijani “baits” An-2

The Kremlin has not yet developed an effective air defense tool that could hit Bayraktar TB2 drones. Therefore, the Russian Federation is trying to “cover up” its technological backlog by producing various kinds of fakes.

For example, in late April this year, the Russian media “threw” a message that the Russian military would allegedly be able to shoot down BayraktarTB2 drones with the help of “kamikaze drones” “Lancet”. Although in just a short period of time such statements were refuted not only by Ukrainian experts, but even by Russian specialists as well.

The Kalashnikov division became the developer of the “Kremlin” “Lancet”

The main counterargument was that the Lancet could fly at a cruising speed of a maximum of 110 km / h, while the Bayraktar TB2 at a cruising speed of 150 km / h, and this difference of 40 km / h reduces to zero the possibility of hitting a Turkish drone. Russian “kamikaze drone”.

Now, it seems, the Russians have decided to resort to outright deception. Some resources published footage from a video recorded from the display of the operator of the Armenian anti-aircraft missile system “Tor-M2KM”.

The authors of such publications stated that these shots showed the downing of the BayraktarTB2 drone, and the exact time of such action was not specified.

Armenia loses four of six existing Tor-M2KM complexes during the war under the blows of all types of drones

If we look at these shots, we can see the outlines of another aircraft of the famous An-2 biplane – “double wing”, a propeller in the bow, another form of tail feathering.

To put an end to this issue, Defense Express asked Baykar Defense for comment. In response, Baykar Defense noted that the footage did not depict Bayraktar TB2, but something else – the downing of a remote-controlled An-2 as an Azerbaijani “bait” to detect Armenian air defenses.

Aircraft seen in the footage is not #BayraktarTB2. In Karabakh, Russian air defense systems were located by using #Antonov An-2 type aircraft as bait and then these air defense systems were targeted with Bayraktar TB2s.

The tactical purpose of using such a bait was to detect the position of Armenian SAMs and other means of air defense with the help of “Kolchug” and other systems in order to destroy the detected positions of the Armenian air defense by Bayraktar TB2 drones.

It should also be reminded that during the war for Nagorno-Karabakh during September 27 – November 10, 2020, Bayraktar TB2 complexes destroyed 976 targets , including 31 air defense systems – two Thor complexes, six Strela-10 complexes, seven C complexes. -300PS, 16 “Wasp” complexes.

Bayraktar TB2 during the parade in Baku

Why did the Russians need to create a fake about the Nagorno-Karabakh war and the Bayraktar TB2 complex?

We can assume that the Russian Federation has not yet come to terms with the high-profile defeat and technological backwardness of its EW and air defense systems against the background of the technological advantage of Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles. Therefore, it is trying to “replay” the real results of the war in Karabakh with information intrusions, which, however, are quite easy to refute.

After the end of the war in Karabakh, in December 2020, Russia actually “signed” in the helplessness of its air defense systems against UAVs, and the Kremlin has not yet been able to solve this technological problem.

(c) DefenceUA


  • “It should also be reminded that during the war for Nagorno-Karabakh during September 27 – November 10, 2020, Bayraktar TB2 complexes destroyed 976 targets , including 31 air defense systems – two Thor complexes, six Strela-10 complexes, seven C complexes. -300PS, 16 “Wasp” complexes.”

    This explains why the Kremlin were whining like crazy about Turkey supplying Ukraine with these drones. Their defenses in Donbas are just sitting targets.

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  • These Turkish drones could be used pro-actively, if the decision was made. They could be used to wreak havoc on the putinazi savages inside Donbas.

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