Any Yalta-Like Concessions to Putin would Transform Him into a Sacred Figure like Stalin, Khazin Says

Window on Eurasia — New Series

Paul Goble. June 2. 2021

Staunton, May 31 – Vladimir Putin considers his “main task” to be the restoration of the USSR, Mikhail Khazin says. That is his “mission;” and unlike his Western counterparts, he has a plan to achieve it while they do not have one to stop him from doing so, even though if he achieves a Yalta-like division of the world, he will become “a sacred figure like Stalin.” 

            In his Davos speech, the Kremlin leader said directly to the West: “you do not have a plan but we do,” the Moscow economist says, arguing that since the retirement of Nixon, the West has not had anyone who could prepare one and so Putin finds himself in an “ideal” position (

            Except for inflation, which is a problem, the Kremlin now is in the best position it has been “for the last 30 years,” certainly “better than was the case in 1998. It only must act correctly” so that the West will make the kind of concessions that will allow Putin to achieve his goals.

            If the West does make concessions to the Kremlin leader’s demand for a recognition of a Russian sphere of influence covering the former Soviet space, that will be “’a new Yalta’” and Putin “will be transformed into a sacred figure … comparable to Stalin. After that, he can assume any position” and so all the talk about succession will become irrelevant.

            Putin won’t need the presidency. He can call himself anything he likes, but he will control the situation. That is because “sacred figures” resembling what Stalin was and what Putin would like to become don’t need specific titles. They are beyond such petty considerations, even if their opponents obsess about them.

Such calculations, Khazin suggests, explain why Putin is so interested in gaining Western recognition of a Russian sphere of influence, starting with but not limited to Belarus and Ukraine, and why the West which may be ready to make concessions on that point do not appear capable of understanding how far reaching such actions would be. paul goble at 4:10 AM


  • I have never regarded Stalin as sacred, anything but. He’s was one of the biggest mass murderers in history, and will go down as such. Only the other commie mass murderer Mao, is close to Stalin when it comes to genocide. The West need to wake up, we had 70 years of spheres of influence, the countries that came under Russian persecution have no intentions of going back there. If these countries in the West want to give Muscovy a sphere of influence, let them offer their own countries.

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    • It all goes back to Lenin, who was a spectacularly evil psychopath who delighted in the nightly descriptions by his toadying cronies of ‘Kulaks’ (a derogatory/anti-Semitic term meaning tight-fisted) being strung up by peasants on their own land. The Kulaks were successful farmers and entrepreneurs. The attacks on farmers in Zimbabwe and now South Africa were based on Lenin’s business model.
      Lenin really loved killing and land theft. Stalin idolised Lenin and simply carried on where Lenin left off. Putler is the successor to those two savages. He simply bolted on National Socialism to his Marxist-Leninism. He is a match for them in terms of criminal machinations and pure evil, but unlike them, he is staggeringly venal and even more vain and self-important than they were. All three were/are textbook psychopaths.

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      • This meeting is really important for Ukraine even though I’d bet Ukraine will just be a small part of it. Putler considers Crimea a closed subject and considers himself a neutral observer with the Donbas. I agree, any concession, will be a tragedy for Ukraine. The only thing that will make this meeting a success for Ukraine is for the subject to be front and center and if Putler doesn’t agree to move out then Biden needs to reiterate he’s a killer and walk out to the media and tell them what happened. Putin is a bluffer and a liar, NOTHING said in private means anything.

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