Poroshenko asks U.S. Senators to organize Biden-Zelensky meeting prior to talks with Putin

Poroshenko asks U.S. Senators to organize Biden-Zelensky meeting prior to talks with Putin

Fifth President of Ukraine (2014-2019), leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with a delegation of the U.S. Senators who are paying a visit to Ukraine, asked to organize a meeting of the United States and Ukrainian Presidents prior to negotiations between Joseph Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the the political force’s website on Wednesday.

“My first request was that it was important that the meeting between President Zelensky and President Biden took place before Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva on the 15th. Since ‘nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine’ was an absolutely tough, concrete requirement during my cadence. The fate of Ukraine cannot be discussed without its participation,” Poroshenko told journalists.

According to the official, his second position seemed to be the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. “You know that the German delegation has now left for Washington. We are firmly convinced that, despite the utterly disastrous position of the Ukrainian president on Nord Stream, the sanctions that were imposed during the work with the United States by our team can be returned. Unfortunately, this clearly shows the absence of an effective dialogue between the President of Ukraine and the United States,” the leader of European Solidarity said.

“The third position was about NATO. Ukraine was constantly present at all NATO summits, neither in 2019 nor in 2021 Ukraine is invited,” the politician said.

According to Poroshenko, the issue of the defense deal, which must be signed, and the supply of lethal weapons should be intensified. “I asked very influential members of the American Senate to influence this so that we return to this extremely important topic for Ukraine. And for the NATO Membership Action Plan, so that the reforms of the defense sector of our state are definitely continued,” he said.

The politician said the United States is very closely following Ukraine and treats the events around our country as a very important topic for the United States and this should be used. “And I very much hope that the visit of the American delegation will contribute to this,” the leader of European Solidarity said.

“We emphasize once again that we can fight inside the country. Inside the country, we have many well-grounded claims against Zelensky […] But we must unite and show internal unity in strategic matters, conduct of foreign policy. I really hope that we will still be able to correct those failures of the foreign politicians who allowed Zelensky, [Andriy] Yermak and their entire team,” Poroshenko said.



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