Russia to include ‘readiness for war’ in its National Security Strategy

The Russian Security Council is preparing an updated National Security Strategy, which will replace the previous version adopted in December 2015.

The new document will take into account the changes in the military and political situation, the increase in military risks and military threats, Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The updated strategy will note the “legitimacy of taking symmetrical and asymmetrical measures to counter and prevent unfriendly actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the Russian Federation, he said.

Asked by the reporter whether this means “military actions”, Patrushev replied that these “are forceful methods of coercion” if necessary.

First of all, however, Russia, according to the strategy, will respond to unfriendly actions “by introducing special economic measures.”

Threats to national security, according to Patrushev, have undergone significant changes. The U.S. and western countries “seek to maintain their global hegemony”, which “provokes the growth of interstate tensions, leads to the weakening of the system of ensuring international security.”

“There are more such actions towards Russia which are aimed at weakening the Russian statehood, internal unity, defense potential,” Patrushev said. “This is political and economic pressure, attempts to destabilize the social and political situation in the country, instigation and radicalization of the protest movement, the erosion of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.”

“A number of states openly call Russia a threat and even a military adversary. The Western campaign to falsify world history is gaining momentum, Russophobic sentiments are being purposefully formed,” the Security Council Secretary said.

In defense against military threats, Russia intends to rely on nuclear weapons. “Special attention is paid to maintaining at a sufficient level the nuclear deterrence capability and combat readiness of the Armed Forces, maintaining leadership in the development and production of advanced weapons, ensuring a high level of moral and political and psychological condition of military personnel and preparing citizens for military service,” Patrushev said.

In the new version of the defense strategy, he said, the top priority will be “saving the people of Russia” as well as improving their well-being, with the economy relying mainly on domestic potential.

The strategy will mention as national priorities “protecting traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, culture and historical memory”, as well as information security in order to “ensure sovereignty in the information space.”

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  • I haven’t seen as much BS in one article for a long time. Paranoia is an understatement for what is going on inside Russia, and it has been that way since the end of WW2. 80 years and the West have never made a single attempt to invade Muscovy, on the other hand, we can count the number of countries Muscovy have invaded, and remained as “peacekeepers”.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    That’s not very impressive. The mafiosi sound like children who are shouting at each other about how they will do this and that but in the end, they are simply children. I’m sure that even the chinks are laughing their asses off by Moscow and its collection of sad clowns.

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    • All they ever talk about is nukes, you would think they are the only country with them. If Muscovy ever launches one, do they think the US will be lobbing paintballs back?

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      • Imagine them trying to use nukes with systems older than the failing S-400s? They are more likely to hit Europe or themselves before hitting the US. They are safe though for now because Biden and the corporate media would find a way to blame Trump.

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