In Vyksa, a teacher did not let a first-grader go to the toilet with diarrhea. He had to sit in the classroom in dirty clothes .

The prosecutor’s office of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the education department of the city of Vyksa will check the local school, where the teacher did not let the first grader go to the toilet during the lesson, and he was forced to relieve himself at his desk.

On May 25, the Nizhny Novgorod TV channel Kstati told about this story with reference to the boy’s parents. According to them, the class teacher Kristina Kireeva refused to let the first grader go to the toilet, saying “Be patient until the change.” But the boy had diarrhea, he relieved himself in his pants and was ridiculed by his classmates. Until the end of the lesson, the child sat in dirty clothes, and returned home in them. He came to his parents in tears and refused to go to school the next day. The parents were outraged by this incident and the fact that the teacher did not tell them about it.

“He sat out the lesson in this form. Then, at recess, the teacher made him finish something, and only then, in light soiled trousers, he went home. First in the classroom, then in the school, then down the street. For a small child, and then for his parents, it was a shock, ” said the announcer of the Kstati channel.Disgraced pedagogy – because of the strictness of the teacher, the first grader went to the toilet right in the classroom

By the way News of Nizhny Novgorod

The boy’s classmates confirmed that he asked for leave to go to the toilet (“By the way” showed screenshots of their parents’ messages in the parent’s chat). But the teacher herself said that the child did not ask to go out and relieved himself after the end of the lesson. “I saw only when the child began to leave. When he went out the door, I saw that his pants were dirty. I shouted to him, he did not react and went home, ”said Kristina Kireeva. She admitted that the other children laughed at the boy, but assured that she stopped the ridicule. When asked why she did not contact the child’s parents, Kireeva replied that she did not have time.

On May 28, “By the way” released a new story on this topic. The boy’s mother said that six months ago, a similar incident happened to a classmate of her son: Kireeva refused to let her go to the toilet, and she wet herself in class (the audio recording of the girl’s story “By the way” was shown in the plot, changing the child’s voice). The mother of the first grader added that the headmaster had apologized to her and said that Kireeva was “punished” and that she would no longer work with this class. “But I think that this is not enough for her, she needs to be deprived of her pedagogical activity in general,” said the mother. She complained about the teacher to the education department and the prosecutor’s office.

The Kstati channel said that the story about the girl was also confirmed in the parental chat – and there they also said that the teacher raised her voice at the children and tore pages out of their notebooks.

School director Olga Naletova said that she did not know about the story with the girl, no one complained to her about this incident. “I think every fact needs to be checked. And I cannot speak again about the consistency, that this is how this teacher acts. You know, I can’t even believe that this is a teacher’s system. Because the teacher is in good standing, ”said the director. To take a commentary about the story with the girl from the teacher herself, the Kstati channel could not: Kireeva went to the hospital.

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