Ukraine sends almost 200 oxygen concentrators to India (Photos)

The humanitarian cargo has left Kyiv for Delhi.REUTERSREUTERS

A plane with oxygen concentrators for COVID-19 patients has departed from Kyiv for Delhi, India.

This was reported by Ukraine’s State Emergency Situations Service (SESS) on Facebook on May 30.

SESS employees are accompanying the humanitarian cargo, it said.

“Under Cabinet resolution No. 467-r dated May 19, 2021, to combat the serious consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, a first flight is delivering 184 oxygen concent

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  1. Why?
    India is a far more wealthy country than Ukraine and its govt is putler-friendly.

      • Ukraine received hundreds of Oxygen concentrators from Unicef. Now somebody is making a few bucks out of selling them to a country with the 5th highest GDP in the world. Ukraine have barely vaccinated a million of it’s citizens because of this corrupt health service since Zelensky took control.

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