Stoltenberg explained why Ukraine was not invited to the NATO summit

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg explained why the representatives of Ukraine and Georgia were not invited to the NATO summit .

According to him, the format of this event does not provide for the participation of partner countries.

“It will only be for allies, as this is a fairly short one-day summit. Next time we may have more time and hold high-level meetings with partners. But I don’t want to speculate when such meetings will take place, ” Evropeyskaya Pravda quotes Stoltenberg .

The NATO summit will take place in Brussels on June 14.

The decision to hold it without representatives of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was criticized .

“To be honest, we absolutely do not understand how a closed NATO summit can be held against the background of Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine in the Black Sea region and against the members of the Alliance. I mean the latest investigations in the Czech Republic . We cannot understand this. How can you not invite Ukraine, how can you not find a format for Ukraine’s participation in the summit this year, “said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

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  1. Pathetic, Stoltenberg. Just come out with the truth, and tell Ukraine you don’t want to upset Muscovy. You admit shithole countries with no armies, full on Putlerite countries, yet piss about with the one country that has extensive experience in fighting the Russian nazis.

    • I would guess that no more than 7 of the 30 members want Ukraine and Georgia and that is why they won’t be joining any time soon. Especially with a useless prick like Stoltenberg running it.

      • France and Germany stopped Ukraine and Georgia getting a MAP in 2008. Now we have Orban and other assholes joining them.

  2. What more does Ukraine need than proper support from the US, Canada and Britain? Maybe Poland and the Baltics too. Forget the rest of NATO countries. Let them play in the sandbox with their pathetic little armies, which are not good for very much more than that anyhow.

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