Putin kills

Putin kills #shorts


  1. Click the hyperlink at the top of the article.

    Visit Khodorkovsky’s website. It’s full of good ideas.


    You can see a statement from Gary Kasparov, Vladimir Kara-Murza and Khodorkovsky. These three are at the top of putler’s kill list.

    “Gary Kasparov calls the West to apply targeted sanctions on Kremlin crooks: “It is time to pick a side: the Free World can side with Putin or with the future of Russia. You can stand up or you are complicit in Putin’s next invasion, his next murder, his next crackdown.”

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  2. Putin kills!
    Putin is a killer!
    Putin is a butcher!
    Putin is a murderer!
    Putin is an executioner!
    Can’t say it enough. Must say it a lot. Only this will (might) wake up some of the appeasers.

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