In St. Petersburg, the former director of Open Russia, Andrei Pivovarov, was detained. For this, the police stopped the plane, preparing for departure.

Former executive director of Open Russia, politician Andrei Pivovarov said that he was taken off the plane at Pulkovo in St. Petersburg and taken to the FSB department at the airport.

“I have just been taken off the plane at Pulkovo. I flew to rest, went through customs – there were no questions. The plane had already passed taxiing, when suddenly it stopped. The cops drove up and took me out. Now I am at the FSB Pulkovo, ”Pivovarov wrote on the Telegram channel.

Pivovarov’s associates clarified that he was removed from the international flight, since, according to the FSB, he was allegedly on the wanted list. In the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is no data on his search. The “Pravozashchit Postcards” reported that Pivovarov had no restrictions on leaving, and there were no questions at passport control.

Andrei Pivovarov told Ekho Moskvy that he did not know what was the reason for his detention. “I did not commit any illegal actions, I did not transport any prohibited substances across the border. Only such [political] grounds can I assume, ”he said.

The lawyer of “Human Rights Protection of the Postcard” Elena Borodina arrived at the airport, she was  not allowed to see Pivovarov. The politician himself said that they were going to take him to the Investigative Committee.

On May 27, Andrei Pivovarov announced that the Open Russia organization had completely ceased its activities and closed its branches in the regions in order to protect supporters from criminal prosecution. Pivovarov said that the decision was made due to amendments to the law on “undesirable” organizations, which are being considered by the State Duma.

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  1. “I did not commit any illegal actions”

    Of course you did. Being a member of an anti Putler organisation is a serious criminal offence, punishable by death in most cases.

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