Remember the worst RUSSIAN school toilets contest? We have two news: there are already winners, but their photos on the competition website are gone

In March, the manufacturer of household chemicals Domestos, part of the British company Unilever, announced another competition for the title of the worst Russian school toilet. Schools with the worst latrines that will win the poll on the competition website, Domestos promised free bathroom renovations and a year’s supply of detergents.

The competition drew a flurry of applications – photos of toilets from more than a hundred Russian schools appeared on the site – and a stormy reaction in the Russian regional media. In Tatarstan  , it was emphasized that only one school toilet got to the competition from the republic, and in Novosibirsk – that they had  two  finalists. The Volgograd mayor’s office even prepared an official statement that “the administrations of the municipal educational institutions of Volgograd did not send applications for participation in the competition for the worst toilet,” and the school in the city of Gubkinsky, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, assured them that participation in the competition meant nothing to them: “ Children in our toilets even sit and eat. If everything was bad, would anyone eat in the toilet?

As a result, Domestos announced that due to the resonance caused by the competition, it had increased the number of schools in which it would carry out renovations from three to six. And he named the leaders of the vote:

  • School number 1 in Gus-Khrustalny (1183 votes)
  • Lyceum No. 44 in Cheboksary (1169 votes)
  • School number 19 Mezhdurechensk
  • Rural school in the village of Elizavetinskaya (878 votes)
  • School number 103 of the Soviet district of Volgograd (589 votes)
  • School number 6 in Neftekamsk (508 votes) photos can be seen by clicking

“This, of course, is not enough to solve such a complex problem, and we would very much like to renovate all the schools that participated in our action. However, we cannot do it alone, ”said Anastasia Knorre, a Unilever employee. The company hopes to benefit from the publicity generated by the competition, she added.

True, the photographs of the winning toilets themselves, soon after the announcement of the results of the competition, for some reason disappeared from his website.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


  • Just award the prize to Russia, the world’s biggest toilet.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “Children in our toilets even sit and eat. If everything was bad, would anyone eat in the toilet?”
    Why, in God’s name, would anyone eat in a toilet??? Don’t they have cafeterias? And, what do they eat in their toilets? Shit?

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